29 Nov 2015

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One Word Substitutions- A 2 Z

In This post we will learn all the important one word substitutions that can be asked in competitive exam.

One WordSentence
AbdurateUnmouable - stubborn - unyeilding
AboriginesThe original inhabitants of a country
AbridgeTo condense
Absolute ZeroThe standing point of absolute temperature
AcceterateCause to move faster
AccilerateSpeed up
AceroseNeedle shaped
AcessMeans of approaching
Relating to sound
AcrophobiaPathological fear of high places
AcumenSuperior mental acuteness
AdhocFor the purpose
AdolscenceA stage of growth between boyhood and youth.
AdulationExcessive devotion
AerialLiving in air
AeronauticsScience of flight of aeroplanes
AestheticA love of beauty
AffidavitA written statement given on oath
AffinityHaving a natural attention to
AggravateTo make worse
AglophobleA person who hates England
AgonosticOne who thinks that everything is know through god only.
AlimonyMoney giving to a woman who divorses his husband.
AllegoryDescription of a subject with symbolical representation to another.
AllusiveHaving reference to something
AlluvialSandy soil deposited by running water
AlpinismMountain climbing
AltimeterInstrument used for measuring altitudes in aircraft.
AltruistOne who works for the good of others.
AmateurOne who learns a subject as a hobby.
AmmeterInstrument used for measuring the electrical currents in amperes.
AmnestyGeneral pardon of the offenses against gout.
AmoyanStrong and powerful woman.
AmphibianLiving/ Operating on land and water.
AmphibiousAnimals that can be live on land and water.
AmpleAdequate or more than dequate - in extent, size etc.
AnachronismComparing modern persons with ancient persons
AnachronismSomething out of its proper time.
AnachronisticA word which can be interpreted in any way.
AnachronisticSet in wrong time or period.
AnaestheticsDrugs causing unconciousness such as chloroform.
AnaesthetistOne who gives chloroform to a patient.
AnalogyRelation - Relationship
One who is out to destroy government
AnarchistOne who provokes disorder in a state.
AnatomistOne who describes the parts of the human body.
AnatomyStudy of sciences relating to the bodily structure of human.
Like a weak old woman.
AnimometerInstrument used for measuring the force and velocity of winds.
AnnihilateDestroy utterely
AnnuityYearly grant - beings - animals and plants by way of disection.
Ring shaped
AnodynePain reliever
AnonymusThat which is written without name.
AntagonistEnemy - Antagonism
AnthropologistOne who studies history relating to the development of man from premetive ages.
Drugs which completely destroys bacteria.
AntiquarianA person who is interested in antiquities.
AphelionThe point in a planet's orbit that tis farthest from the sun.
Apiarya bee house (Contains several hives).
ApirigeeA point as above that is nearest to earth.
ApologistOne who says sorry (Sorrow) for his mistakes.
AporhtegmWords spoken by great men.
To renounce one's faith or religion.
ApostateOne who deserts his religion or principles.
AqauntieRelating to water
AquariumA thing where fishes are kept.
AquaticLiving in water
One who is appointed by two parties & decide their difference.
ArborealLiving in trees
ArboricultureCultivation of trees and vegetables.
One who studies human antiquities.
Using ancient Languages.
ArcheologistOne who make a scientific study of human antiquities.
ArchipelogeSee which has number of small islands.
ArchiveThat what is not in current use.
AristocracyThe rule by nobels.
ArsenalA place where weapons are manufactured and stored.
ArticulateTo pronounce Clearly.
AstronomyStudy of heavenly bodies.
AtheistOne who has no belief in god.
AtmosphereThe air surrounding the earths.
AudibleThat which can be heard.
AudiometerInstrument used for measuring the intensity of sound.
AudiophoneInstrument used for improving imperfect sense of hearing.
Aurora AustralisSouthern lights
Aurura BorealisNorthern lights.
AutocracyAbsolute rule by one person.
AutocratWho exercises absolute power.
AvairyA building for keeping - rearing and breeding of birds.
AvalancheA heavy mass of snow falling down a hill with great noise.
AvariceGreed - Inordinate desire to gain and hoard wealth.

One Word Substitution : B
One WordSentence
BalladA short narrative poem - adopted for writing and sighning.
BallisticsScience dealing with the motion of projectile like rockets bombs & shells.
BalmaccanA type of man's overcoat.
BarbarismMixed Language
BarometerAn apparatus used for measuring the atmospheric pressure.
BellicoseReady to fight.
BenefactorKindly helper. One who makes a request or endowment.
Kind hearted 
BevyGroup of girls or women larks. Flocks of quail.
BibliographerOne who writes big books.
BibliographyA list of books with details of authorship, editions, subject etc.
BibliophileA lover book
BiblophileOne who loves the study of books.
BifurcateDivided into two branches.
BigamyThe crime of having two life partners at a time.
BilingualSpoken or written in two languages.
BiographyLife of a person written by somebody.
BiologistOne who studies the science of animals and plants.
BiotaAnimal and plant life of a religion or period.
Black BoxAn apparatus which records the fight data of an aeroplane and is also a voice recorder.
BlackbindingKidnapping for selling into slavery.
BlasphemerOne who speakes evil - Impcous one - irrevirent one.
Blood TransfusionThe process the transfusing blood of one person into blood stream of another person.
Boat WrighterWagon maker
BoloLarge single - adged military knife - Machete
BotanistOne who studies the science of plants
BoycottTo obstain from buying or using
BoycottUnite to punish a person from association.
BrettleEasily broken
BuccalOf the check of the sides of the mouth.
BureaucracyA gout in which the whole power is vested in officials.
ButcherOne whose business to a slaughter cattle for food.
BygamistOne who has two wives.

One Word Substitution : C
One WordSentence
CacophonousHarsh or discordant sound.
CadaverDead body
CaduceusEmblem of medical profession and US army medical corps.
CaliberDiameter of bore of gun - degree of merit.
CalligraphyBeautiful writing
CalorimeterAn instrument used for measuring quantities of heat.
CanonChurch law body of principles.
CarburatorAn apparatus used in an internal combustion engine for charging air with petrol
CardiacPertaining to the heart
CardinalOf prime importance
CardiographA medical instrument for tracing heat movements.
CariesDental decay
CarniologyDescribe the habits, merits and demerits of a man by seeing his skull carniologist.
Flesh eater - dogs - cats - lions etc
An animal tht eats human flesh. 
CarrionDead and putrifying flesh
CatastropheDenotes the last stage of a tradegy.
CelibateOne who resolved not to marry.
CentipedeAn insect with many legs.
CervineOf deers or the deer family - Deerlike.
ChagrienVexation from humiliation or disappointment.
ChandlierCandle maker - Merchant - Dealer in supplies and provisions.
ChemotherapyControls of infections by chemicals.
ChiarascuroDistribution of light and shade in a picture.
ChiromanchyFortune telling through palm reading - palmistry.
ChoronologyArrangements of events according to dates or times of occurance.
ChronologerOne who writes the details of transactions which made in a country.
ChronometerAn instrument kept on boardship for measuring accurate time.
CinematographIt contains a series of lenses arranged to throw on screen an enlarged image of photography
CircumlocutionA round about way of speaking.
ClarifyMake clear.
ClassicThat which is acclaimed as an excellent work.
ClioGreek muse of history.
CoalesceGrow into one - Blend - unite - fuse.
CoercionIntimidation by threat or duress - forceful - compulsion.
CoevalOf the same age or duration - Contemporary with.
CognomenSurname or nickname.
ColleguesThose who work in the same department.
ColleinyComplete with buildings and work - Caolmines.
ComatoseIn a coma - Lacking energy - Lethargic.
ComelyPleasing in appearance - fair - pretty.
CommutatorDevice for reversing direction of electrical current.
CompensationMoney given for requisitioned property.
ConcatinateLinked together
ConcetricHaving the same centre.
ConflagrativeCombustible - flammable - inflammable
ConnisseurMe who is well versed in any subject a critical judge of any art particularly fine arts.
ConnoisseurExpert in art - the fine arts.
Contagious DiseaseA disease which spreads by contact.
ContemporaryA man living in the same age with another.
ContemporaryOne who lives at the same time of another
ContinentRestrained in regard to desires or passion - especially to sexual desires.
ConvalescenceThe gradual recovery from illness.
ConvergeTo meet in a point (Rays & illness).
CooperMaker of casks or barrels.
Copy-rightExclusive right to publish a book.
Coral reefA chain of rocks laying at or near the sea.
CosmopolitanOne who is free from national limitations.
CostegateCorrect by punishing.
CreditorOne to whom a debt is owing.
CredulityTrust without proper evidence readiness to believe.
CredulousA person who readily believes others.
CredulousToo ready to believe
CrescographInstrument used for measuring the growth of plants.
CresendoGradual increase in force - volume - loudness.
CrisisTurning point of danger or disease.
CryogeniesBranch of physics dealing with very low temparature.
CryptographSecret writing.
CrystallographyScience of crystallization.
Cul-De-SacDead end
CygnetYoung swan.
CynosoreCentre of interest - something that strongly attracts attention by its brilliance.
CytogeneticsCell formation.
CytologyDealing with cells.

One Word Substitution : D
One WordSentence
DebacleSudden collapse - general break-up - violent rush.
DebtorOne who owes money to another.
DecalogueTen commandments.
DecelerateSlow down.
DefendantOne who is sued by the plaintiff.
DeismGot birth and followed principles in a particular caste but telling, he is not god.
DeistOne who believes in the existence of god.
DelettanteAn admirer by the people
DeliquisicBecome liquide by absorbing moisture from the air - Melt away.
DelittanteOne who takes up an art - dabbler - a lover of fine arts.
DelugeAnything that overwhelms like a flood - great flood - rain.
DemocracyThe gout formed by the people.
DemographyScience of vital and social statistics.
DemonologyRalating to devils - ghost and other terror things.
DepilateRemove hair from.
DermotologistOne who treates skin diseases.
DesiceateDry throughly - Remove moisture from.
DespondentHigh - Spirited - Overflowing with enthusiasm - boiling up.
DespotismIs a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. 
DetenuOne who detained in custody.
Dislectical (s)Logical argumentation.
The process for flood purification when the kidneys malfunction.
DilemnaA state of a person, who is asked to choose one of the two infavourable things.
DilemnaSituation requiring a choice between equally undesirable alternatives - perplexing problem.
DiminishMake or become smaller.
DiminuendoGradual increase in force.
DipsomaniaIrristible craving for alcoholic drinks.
DissuadePersuade not to do something.
DividendSum payable as profit to an individual by a joint stock company.
DomicileA place where one lives permanently.
DorsalSituated on bank.
Drinker's apparatusInstrument used to help breathing in infantile paralysis.
DynamoThe origin of electricity in a dynamo is the transformation of machanical energy into energy.

One Word Substitution : E
One WordSentence
Earth's Atmosphere
Is covering of air which surrounds of earth.
EbullientSituated on the abdominal side.
EccentricThat which is not placed centrally.
EcclisiologistOne who studies the science relating to the church.
EclectricPersons with unusual or odd personality.
EclogueA pastoral poem.
EcologyStudy of plants or of animal or of people or of institutions in relation to environment.
That which is fit to be eaten.
EffiminateA person who is a womanish in his habit.
EffiminateOne who possess the quantities of woman.
EgoeismSelfishness - opposed to altruism.
EgoismSpeaking too much of one self.
EgoistOne who speaks using I and me always.
ElasticOne which rescemes its normal shape and size after the stress is releases.
ElectrometerInstrument used for measuring electricity.
ElegiacExpressing sorrow or lamentation.
ElegyA lament for the dead.
ElixirNot clerical.
EllipsisThe ommission from a sentence of a work or words that would comple the construction.
ElymologyScience relating to the formation and development of words.
ElymologyWhich discribes the birth of a particular word.
EmbeyyleDivert money fraudulently to one's own use.
EmeritusHonourably discharged from service.
EmeticInducing vomiting - something that induces vomiting.
EmollientSoothing to living tissue.
EmpericismBelief based on experience or observation.
EncomuimFormal expression of high praise - eulogy.
EncroachMake inroads on others property.
EndemicA disease which becomes prevalent in a particular area on account of its surroundings conditions.
EnduringLong lasting.
EnjoinDirect or order someone to do something.
EnthologistOne who studies the science of the variatees of human race.
EntomologistOne who studies about insects.
EphemeralTransitory - short lived - lasting a very short time.
Epicentre(Of Earch Quack) is the point at which earthquake breakout.
EpicureA person who is very fond of sensous enjoyments.
EpicureOne who prefers sensual pleasures.
EpidemicA disease which attackes many people in a particular area in one time.
EpilogueA poem of speech at the end of the play.
EpilogueA short speech at the end.
EpiphangiAn appearance or manifestation.
EquanimityEvenness of mind or temper.
EquigravisphereA point in space where the gravity is constant.
EquineOf horses - horselike - a horse.
EquinoxWhen days and nights are equal (March21 - September).
EsotericKnown only a few - Reconcile.
EstivateSpend a hot or dry period in a prolonged state of torpor or dormancy.
EstuaryA broad channel formed by joining of the sea and river water.
EthologistOne who studies the science of character.
EtiologyStudy of causation. The study of the cause of disease.
EtymologistOne who studies derivations of words - history of linguistic change.
EulogySpeech or writing that praises - High praise - Encomium.
EuphimismSoften expression.
Melodious Music
EuphonyPleasant sound.
EuthanasiaMercy killing painless death to relieve suffering.
EuthenicsScience of improving the environment.
ExaggerateDescribe a thing beyond limits of truth.
ExasphereThis is a outer most zone of the atmosphere and beings at about 40 miles above earth.
ExbiologyScience dealing with life or possibilities of life existing beyond the earth.
ExegesisCritical explanation or interpretation.
ExemplaryFit to be
ExercismSlogan to derive or get out of the dragon.
ExodusDeparture - Emigration (Usually of a large number of people).
ExonerateFree from blame - Exculpate.
ExplicitFully and clearly expressed.
ExtemporeSpeech delivered without any preparation.
ExtinguishTo put an end to.
EymologistOne who studies the science and origin of words.

One Word Substitution : F
One WordSentence
FanaticOne who passes interest in religion.
FatalismReligion that which believes that god is everything.
FathomUnderstand fully - unit of length equal to six feet.
FathometerInstrument used for measuring the depth of the ocean.
FaunaAnimals of a given region or period.
FealthySworn allegance to a lord.
FeduciaryOf the relationship between a trustee and his principal.
FertileThat which is productive.
FetishAmulet object believed to have magic power.
FillyA young female horse.
FissionCleaving or splitting into parts.
FlockAnimals such as birds, sheep and goats keeping together in large number.
FloraPlants of a particular region or period.
FlotsomThe thing which comes out from sea (Cannot stay in water).
FluctuatingMoving to & fro.
FluxContinuous change - instability - fusion.
FootedpadRobber, who goes on foot.
FormidableThat which is heard tobe resisted.
FortissimoVery loud.
FragileThat which can be easily broken.
FunambulistA rope dancer - who walks on thread.
FungeA class of plants which have no chlorophyll.
FussionUniting by metting together.

One Word Substitution : G
One WordSentence
GalvanizeStartle into sudden activity - to coat with zinc.
GalvanometerA glass tube for measuring volume changes in chemical reactions between glasses.
GambrelType of roof.
GastronomyRelating to taste (Food taste).
GenderMale goose
GenealogistOne who traces the history of the descent of families.
GeneologyHeredity, Hereditary
Genocideinternational distriuction of racial groups.
GenuineAuthentic - free from pretense.
GeologistOne who studies the internal structure of the earth (crust).
GermicideMedicine that kills germs.
GeysersThere are natural hot water springs.
GlacierA huge mass of snow moving slowly down the valley and stopes.
GlaciersMass of lic. Formed by snow on mountains moving slowly along valley.
GnosticismA type of yoga (Gymnastics).
GovernmentConnoisseur of choice food.
GraminuiorousAnimals that feed on grass.Animals that feed on grass.
GregariousAnimals living in flocks.
GynaecologistOne who treates femal diseases
One Word Substitution : H
One WordSentence
Escape of blood to the ruptures of blood vessels inside the body.
Relating to kings Hagiographic.
Plant eater - hoofed mammals.
Animals eating herbs.
One who devotes himself to pleasure.
Gap - Missing part - Break in continuity - lacuna.
To spend the winter in a dormant state.
Condition of sleep during certain parts of the year.
Any system of persons or things passed on to other.
Pictographic script.
Acting - Artificial behaviour or speech done for effect.
Heterogeneous mixture - Jumble.
A sacrifice totally concerned by fire - Devastation.
Making of true - three dimensional photographs by use of laser beams.
Not beautiful - unattractive - plain.
Things which are of the same kind and of the same dimensions.
Corresponding having same or similar relation.
Word pronounced the same as, but different in meaning spelled the same wayhood.
One who studies the art of clock making.
An art of garden cultivation.
Persons given to another as pledge.
Clamorous noise or disturbance - Uproar.
Anything derived from heterogeneous sources.
Study of water or other liquid in Motion.
One who knows the positions of lands and draws the maps.
Description of oceans and lands and the oceans.
Instrument used for measuring the specific gravity of liquids.
It is usually caused by the bite of mad dog.
Rabies disease (Dog's bite) disease of water.
Instrument used for recording sound under water.
Culture of plants without soil, with the help of chemical solutions containing nutrients.
Relating to water.
Turning towards or away from moisture.
Instrument used for measuring humidity in air.
Song in praise of god.
Curve with two distinct and similar branches.
Deep criticism.

One Word Substitution : I
One WordSentence
IchthyologistAn expert in fishes.
IchthyologyStudy of fishes.
IconoclastDestroyer of images attached on traditions.
IconographyTeaching by pictures and models.
IconolaterWorshipper of idols or images.
IdolFavorite - Any person or thing devotedly or excessively admired.
IglooEskimo home shaped hut or native house.
IgneousOf or about fire produced under intense heat.
Ill-o·menedIll fated - Unlucky
IllegibleThat which is incapable of being read.
IllicitUnlicensed - unlawful
Imagoan insect in its sexually mature adult state
ImmiscibleIncapable of being mined.
ImmutableUnchangeable - unalterable - changeless.
ImplicitNot fully and clearly expressed implied.
ImplyIndicate without express statement.
ImpregnableThat which cannot be taken by force.
ImprobableThat which is not likely to happen.
ImpromptuMade or done without previous preparation - Extemporaneous.
Impenetrableimpossible to pass through or enter.
InattentiveNot giving proper attention.
InaudibleThat which cannot be heard.
Incarcerateimprison or confine.
IncarnadineBlood red - crimson - flesh coloured - pale pink.
IncinerateBurn - Reduce to ashes.
IncognitoTravelling under a name other than one's own.
IncombustibleNot inflammable
IncompatiblePersons who cannot work or live together in harmony.
IncomprehensibleThat which cannot be understood.
IconoclastA destroyer of images.
IncorrigibleIncapable of being corrected.
Incorruptiblevery honest : incapable of being corrupted
IncredibleThat which cannot be believed.
IncriminateChange with a crime or fault.
IncumbentHolding of an office - obligatory.
IndescribableThat which is impossible to describe adequately.
InescapableThat which cannot escaped from.
InevitableSometimes which cannot fail to come to pass.
InexplicableThat which cannot be explained.
InfallibleIncable of making mistakes
Murder or infants.
That (disease) which is liable to spread.
That which sets on fire easily.
That which cannot be.
The sun's energy
That which cannot be dissolved in liquid.
Loss of sleep.
taking air into lungs - stimulus.
too great to be overcome.
Prohibition prevention from participation in certain sacred acts.
A word exclamation
Medical student receiving training in a hospital.
That which cannot be controlled easily.
Without a backbone - without strength of characters.
That which cannot be defeated.
Incapable of being wounded.
The layer of the earth's atmosphere which contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons.
A decision on which one cannot go back.
Is a contour lines of equal rainfall.
A line on a map connecting points having the same amount of rainfall in a given period.
A narrow strip of land connecting two larger land masses.
One who journeys from place to place.

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