28 Nov 2015

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Random One Word Substitutions

In this Post we will learn some random and daily use One Word Substitutions . We use One word Substitution to express a big meaning in concise manner.So let us learn some new and daily use Words.


1One who is unmarried----Celibate
2One who believes in fate---- Fatalist
3Sleep enjoyed in the afternoon----Siesta
4A speech delivered without any previous preparation----Extempore
5Language which is confused and unintelligible----Jargon
6One who is fond of sensuous pleasures----Epicure
7The action of looking back on past time----Introspection
8One who has no money----Pauper
9One who can do anything for money----Mercenary
10A man whose wife is dead----Widower
11A place where dead bodies are kept----Mortuary
12One whose business is to find out criminals----Detective
13One who is quite like a woman----Effeminate
14A government run by a dictator----Autocracy
15A place for sick people who need long period of treatment or rest----Sanatorium
16One who possesses several talents or gifts----Versatile
17One who prepares plans for buildings----Architect
18A great lover of books----Bibliophile
19A person who talks too much----Garrulous
20A raised place on which offerings are made to a god----Altar
21A place where fishes are kept----Aquarium
22One who tests eyesight and sells spectacles----Optician
23One who deals in wines----Vintner
24A person in charge of a museum----Curator
25One who journeys to a holy place----Pilgrim
26A building where animals are killed for meat----Abattoir
27The science of animal life----Zoology
28An instrument for recording earthquakes----Seismograph
29One who kills animals and sells their flesh----Butcher
30One who makes or sells eye – glasses----Optician
31One who breaks into a house to commit theft----Burglar
32Rule by one person----Monocracy
33One who treats heart diseases----Cardiologist
34One who studies the formation of the earth----Geologist
35The crime of killing a king----Regicide
36A number of people following a funeral----Cortege
37That which cannot be seen through----Opaque
38A doctor who treats skin diseases----Dermatologist
39A disease which spreads by contact----Contagious disease
40One who goes on foot----Pedestrian
41The murder of one’s own mother----Matricide
42The killing of human beings----Homicide
43A man who thinks only for himself----Egoist
44That can be easily broken----Brittle
45A general pardon of political offenders----Amnesty
46An animal living both on land in water----Amphibian
47A large cupboard in which one hangs up clothes----Wardrobe
48A large group of insects moving in a mass----Swarm
49A building for keeping and feeding horses in----Stable
50A string of beads used for counting prayers----Rosary

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