25 Nov 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 25/11/2015

In this post we will learn important vocab words of the day from THE HINDU Newspaper.


APEX : Apex means Topmost  syn- Pinnacle, Apogee, ACME, Paramount.
example: The apex Court has ordered a investigation in the matter.

ACCOMPLICE : A person who joins with another in carrying out some plan(especially illegal or unethical).
example: The culprit and his accomplices were nabbed by the police last night.

EXPEDITE : Process Fast and Efficiently.
example: The local authority has asked the contractor to expedite the work of construction in the premises.

RETRIEVE : Recollect or recall. antonym- IRRETRIEVABLE.
example: The Paper were retrieved from the dustbin.

LACONIC : Expressing something in brief and to the point.
example: His laconic reply made me stunned.

JUVENILE : Young person not fully developed. REJUVENATE : The become young again.
example: Juvenile was convicted in case of theft.

ABSCOND : Run away.
example: The accused is absconding since 2010.

APPREHEND : Arrest, Take into custody syn- NAB.
example: The police apprehended the absconding criminal in a murder case.

NOD : Yes For something, approval.
example: Nod for Cashless health scheme.

DEITY : God.

REVIVAL : Rebirth,Get New life. Root Word- viv which means lively other words convivial etc.
example: Revival of the terror in the city has become a nightmare for the people.

HUG : To embrace, in hindi we say gala legana . syn- CODDLE.
example; The father hugged his child when the child came first in his class.

INVINCIBLE : One who can not be defeated. Mnemonics - IN WIN CIBBLE
example: The Invincible wrestler lost to the boy of 19.

COMMENDABLE : Praiseworthy syn- LAUDABLE.
example: The Indian cricket team has done a commendable job.

Learn These words for a better vocab.

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