27 Nov 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 26/11/2015

In this Post we will know new words from THE HINDU 26/11/2015


CONDEMN : Express strong disapproval
example- We condemn the rising racism against the south Africans.

COALITION : The union of diverse things into one body. syn- CONGLUTINATION,COALESCENCY.
example- The coalition is in minority in Rajya Sabha.

COMMEMORATE : Call for remembrance.
example- This statue commemorates the victims of WWI.

EMBARRASSING : Hard to deal with; causing to feel shame. syn-ABASH,AWKWARD,STICKY.
example- congress vice president faced some embarrassing moment.

PROBE : To investigate.
example- The police is probing in a murder case.

VULNERABLE : Susceptible to attacks. Antonym-INVINCIBLE,INVULNERABLE.
example- The Indian coasts are still vulnerable to the attacks.

DESPONDENCY : Felling downcast  and disheartened.

CONSPIRACY :  A plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act.

TRIVIAL : Small or little importance,irrelevant.
example- Jury were divided on trivial matter.

ABDUCT : Kidnap someone.
example- Two arrested for abducting businessman for 'non-payment'.

RAMPAGE : Violently angry and destructive behavior.
example- MOB goes on rampage after children die in fire.

MALIGNANT : Dangerous to health. a man of extreme enmity.
example- Pigeons home in on malignant tumors.

MULL : Think of something minutely.
example- The government is mulling over the option of introducing GREEN TAXES.

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