14 Dec 2015

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Do You Know The Meaning Of  "COOL ONE'S HEELS"?

Let us learn something new.
When you make someone "Cool his heels", you delay meeting the person;sometimes,deliberately.
The train was late, so we spent the time cooling our heels in the waiting room.
The 'Heels' in the expression refers to those of horses.When a horse runs fast for long time, its hooves heat up;the feet begins to cool when the animal is rested.With the passage of time,the expression began to be used with people who are in a hurry, but are made to wait for sometime.

Which is correct "Fill Up Vacancy" or "Fill Vacancy"?

We generally use both in our daily life. A vacancy is an unoccupied position in department. It is possible to "fill up water bottle" and "fill up the suitcase" with something - one does not,however fill up a vacancy.Native speakers of English talk about the need to "fill" a vacancy and not "fill up" one.
The vacancies in maths department has been filled.

"Run out of time":

Run out of time means that you have no time left;You have used up all the time that was given to you.
During exams, we sometime fail to answer all question because we have run out of time.

"Race against time":

When you 'race against time',you do things very quickly because we have to do many things in a short period of time. In other words, you rush in order to complete something before the given deadline time.
It was a race against time, but we managed to catch the early morning flight.

Someone who loves to be photographed:

A person who loved to be photographed is know as 'camera hog' or 'lens hog'.
The word 'hog' is used to refer to a greedy individual.
In case one who doesn't like to be photographed is a 'camera shy'.

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