16 Dec 2015

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Words Of The Day- 16/12/2015

CULINARY : Relating to cooking or the kitchen.
example: Her first meal, which was burned beyond recognition,was a culinary disaster.

CONSUMMATE : perfect;COMPLETE;Skillful.
example: A consummate pianist is an extremely good one.

CONDONE : To overlook; to permit to happen.
example: The principal condoned the hoods' smoking in the gallery.

COLLUSION : Conspiracy;Secret cooperation.
example: The increase in oil prices was a result of collusion by the oil producing countries.

CLICHE : n. An overused saying or idea.
example: The expression" The beggars are not choosers " is a cliche now a days.

CHIMERA : An illusion: A foolish Fancy.
example: susan's dream of becoming a movie star was a chimera.

BOURGEOIS : adj. Middle class.

BLASPHEMY : Irreverence; An insult to something held sacred.

AUGMENT : to make bigger;To increase.
example: The army augmented the operation by sending more troops to the war hit zone.

ASSIDUOUS : Diligent;Hardworking;Industrious.

ABHOR : To hate very,very much.
example: To abhor something is to view in horror.

ENERVATE : To exhaust.

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