2 Dec 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 02/12/2015

TORMENT : The act of harassing someone,TORTURE,BADGERING.
example: Heavy rain torments coastal T.N.

AMID : In middle of something.
example: Amid beef row,buffalo tallow export booms.

TALLOW : Obtained from suet(fat around kidney) and used in making soaps,candles and lubricants.
example: Tallow of beef.

BETRAY : Breach of Trust.(vishwas ghat).

ADULTERATION : The act of making impure by adding extraneous materials.
example: Adulteration of milk is common now a days.

ASSENT : Agreement with a statement or proposal. synonym- APPROVAL  antonym-DISSENT.
example: He gave his assent eagerly.

VERDICT : Judgment.
example: Supreme Court gave verdict in a murder case mystery.

ABOLISH : Get Rid of, To do away antonym- ESTABLISH,LAUNCH.
example: Slavery was abolished in mid-19th century.

SEPTUAGENARIAN : One whose age is in the seventies.
OCTOGENARIAN : One who is in his eighties.

ANONYMOUS : Having no known name or identity( Anjan ) especially used for authors,donors.

UNANIMOUS : In complete agreement( ekmat ).
example: A unanimous decision by the jury.


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