3 Dec 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 03/12/2015

BATTERED : Exhibiting symptoms resulting from repeated physical and emotional injury.
example: Rain battered chennai mounts extensive rescue operations.

BATTERER : One who batters. BATTER(n.) a liq. or semi liquid mixture,as of flour,eggs,and milk. BATTER(v.) strike against forcefully.

INCESSANT : Uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing. syn-CEASELESS,CONSTANT.
example: The incessant rainfall in chennai has interrupted life.

MISERY : A felling of intense unhappiness.

STRANDED : Cutoff or left behind.

WOE : Intense mournfulness; misery resulting from suffering.

MIGHT : Physical strength,Power.

PAVE : Cover with a material such as stone or concrete  to make suitable for vehicle traffic.
example: Pave the roads in the village.

NEXUS : A connected series or group.

SYNDICATE : A group of merchants, association of companies for some definite purpose.

EXPEDITE : To speed up.
example: The minister asked the contractor to expedite the work.

IMPROMPTU : Not per-planned, Sudden.

KIN : A group of people related by blood. Family.

EPONYM : The name derived from a person(real or imaginary).

PSEUDONYM : Fake Name.

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