4 Dec 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 04/12/2015

INUNDATE : Fill or cover completely,usually with water syn-DELUGE,SUBMERGE.
example: The basement was inundated after the storm.

DEBUNK : Expose.
example: The physicist debunked the psychic's claim.

DEBACLE : Sudden collapse.
example: The Debacle of congress in elections has showed the mood swing.

DEBRIS : The remains of something that has been destroyed or broken up.(malba)

REVAMP : To patch up or renovate; repair or restore.
example: They revamped their old house before selling it.

DILETTANTE : An amateur who engages in an activity without serious intention. syn-DABBLER.

NOVICE : Someone new to afield or activity. syn-TYRO,GREEN HORN.

DILAPIDATE : Fall into decay or ruin.

INCUBUS : Nightmare.

RENEGADE : A disloyal person who betrays(bhaagooda).syn- DESERTER,APOSTATE.

EMANCIPATE : Free from slavery or servitude. free
example: Emancipate women.

LAUD : Praise,syn-COMMEND.

MANDATE : Official command.
example: NDA gets mandate from the people of India.

REBUKE : The act or expression of criticism and censure. scold,chide.syn-REPRIMAND.

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