12 Dec 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 12/12/2015

VICIOUS : Marked by deep ill will;EVIL
example: Vicious gossip.

SUCCUMB : Give in;Loss to. antonym-SURVIVE.
example: The old succumbed to the injuries.

VOGUE :(n.) The popular taste at a given time;TREND;MODERN
example: Leather is the latest vogue.

VAGUE : Not clearly expressed or understood;UNDEFINED.
example: His remarks were vague in nature.

PURSUE : Quest for:CHASE.
example: In pursuit of excellence.

PERUSE : Examine or consider with attention and in detail;ATTENTIVELY.
example: Please peruse the report at your leisure.

REPLETE : Deeply filled or permeated;FULL.
example: I eat and eat until I replete.

STALL : (v.) deliberately delay in event or action.
example: Congress stalls the proceeding.

IMMINENT : About to happen;AT HAND.
example: Imminent danger.

EMINENT : Of imposing height;especially standing out above others;HIGH;LOFTY.
example: Eminent members of the community.

INSOLVENT : Someone who has insufficient assents to cover their debts;BANKRUPT.
example: An insolvent Person.

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