14 Dec 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 14/12/2015


PROTRACT : To Prolong.
example: The trial was so protracted that one of the jurors died of old age.

PROVIDENT : Preparing for future.
example: We were provident with our limited food supplies.

example: The principal of school promulgated a new dress code.

PROSCRIBE : To prohibit.
example: The doctor proscribed smoking in his hospital.

example: A pristine mountain stream is a stream that hasn't been polluted.

PREDILECTION : A Natural preference to someone;PREJUDICE.

NEPOTISM : Showing favoritism to friends or family in business or politics.

NOXIOUS : Harmful.
example: Smoking is a noxious habit in every sense.

MUNDANE : Ordinary;pretty boring.
example: The day was filled with mundane chores.

MERCENARY : A hired soldier; Someone who is ready to do anything for money.
example: A mercenary army.

example: A young child is ingenuous.

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