15 Dec 2015

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Words Of The Day (THE HINDU)- 15/12/2015

SEDITION : Treason;The incitement of public disorder or rebellion.
example: Revolution usually begins when a small band of seditious individuals plot to change the established order.

example: Robert's weak attempts at humor were met by nothing but a few scattered pockets of sardonic laughter.

SACROSANCT : adj. Sacred;Held to be inviolable.
example: A church is sacrosanct.

SANGUINE : Optimistic;Hopeful.
example: He was sanguine about his chance of winning the priza.

ROGUE : A criminally dishonest person.

RECALCITRANT : Stubborn;Fastidious.
example: A recalcitrant child.

RENOUNCE : To formally give up or resign;disown.

PHILANTHROPY : love of mankind.
Root Words: PHIL-Love ANTHROPY- Mankind.

PLACATE : To pacify;To soothe.

PERVADE : To spread throughout;PERVASIVE.

PAUCITY : Scarcity.
example: There was paucity of vegetable in the super mart.

PARADOX : Self contradictory.
example: Mr. cooper is a political paradox; he's staunch Republican who votes only for democrats.

MUNDANE : ordinary;Pretty boring.

MARSHAL : To arrange in order.
example: The statistician marshaled his facts before making his presentation.

MARTIAL : Having to do with combat;Warlike.
example: Martial Art.

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