25 Jan 2016

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SSC CGL or IBPS Bank PO, which is better ? SSC CGL! No, IBPS PO! No, SSC CGL! .. Most of you must be confused about it! A Fact! (Ok! Please acknowledge it). Actually both are good and it entirely depends upon your perspective or choice. Didn’t get that ? Well, it completely depends what you like, what you want to do in your professional life and which field lures you. And still if you are finding it difficult to distinguish between the two and you hardly have a specific interest of the field (except of a common interest of having a ‘Government’ job) then I can list out some major differences (/facts) between the two examinations which may help you to find out the right examination (Or a ‘career’ indeed! Isn’t it?) which you should go for!

Comparison between jobs offered by SSC CGL Vs IBPS PO

Almost comparable salary to IBPS POAlmost comparable salary to IBPS PO
‘Posting’ Outside HometownUsually gets hometown ‘posting’ within 1 yr
Highly respectable jobRespectable Job
Tough ExaminationTough Examination
Slow career growthFast career growth
More transfersLess transfers
Not a Bond’ed’ jobBond’ed’ Job


Detailed Comparison:

1. Salaries(/Income): Well, I ‘strongly believe’ salary is the most important factor for any career path. (which even you too! Right ?). Both IBPS PO exam and SSC CGL exam lands you into jobs which offers quite handsome salaries. (for SSC CGL we aren’t talking of lowest level jobs. Ok?). On one hand recent increases in the Bank salaries have lured many candidates on the other hand good hike in the Government bodies have attracted many others. But wait, let me share a fact with you.
Salaries of all the bank POs will be made equal to the salaries of Central Government Group A officers from Decemeber 2014 as per 10th Bipartite Agreement. This means around 40,000-50,000 will be the new salary of all the Bank POs raised from 30,000 to 36,000 per month. Now this salary is more than most of the SSC CGL jobs.
(We are not mentioning the income earned by Income Tax Officer or Excise Inspector etc or even a Bank PO while sanctioning loans. That you all people know very well.)

2. Postings/Transfers: This is another most important factor. ‘Posting’ or ‘Transfer’ may ease your decision making process of deciding among the two jobs. In Bank PO jobs, candidates have to mandatorily work around 1 year in rural areas and after that they get the home town easily (provided the bank in which they work have quite good number of branches in their hometown). But in SSC, getting a post in your hometown is quite difficult. Except for the case of ‘Assistants’ where a candidate gets permanent job in Delhi.

3. Social Status in Society: Well your uncle is in Punjab & Sind Bank and your ‘bhaiya’ (brother) is in Dena Bank. Not a big deal (you definitely feel that!). But how common you get to know that someone is Income Tax Inspector ? or someone is ‘Anti Narcotics Inspector’ ? Rarely!
People generally relate this to social status(yeah you got it). People recruited in top SSC jobs definately enjoys a high social status as compared to people working in Banks. One good fact: You become ‘Gazetted Officer within 3 years of your job if recruited through SSC. Also, if posted in Ministry of External Affairs as ‘Assistant’ then you after completing 5 years in India, you get a chance to live and work(obviously for Government) abroad!

4. Toughness of the Exam: Well it entirely depends upon your preparation. It doesn’t matter how much you want to get into any job if you doesn’t prepare (that too seriously) for it. Good your preparation is, better are your chances to get selected for the job.

5. Career Growth/Promotions: Until and unless you are in top SSC post like Examiner etc, promotions are very slow. On the other hand, as a PO your career is expected to be quite rocket fueled. How ? Promotions are very fast in Bank Jobs and chances are very high that you become a Manager within 6-7 years. Also, as a PO one gets to interact with public and Bank conducts trainings to groom it’s employees. No such trainings or public interaction (not much) happens in SSC Jobs.
A big fact, as more and more private banking licenses have been issued and FDI bar has been raised, there is going to be a ‘strong demand’ for bank people in private sector in coming years. (cheers for that!)

6. Switching Jobs: Well, you can move from one govt. bank to other private bank to again, another private bank. But can you switch to another Central Govt. Job ? No! You will again have to give exam for that job.

7. Bond’ed’ Jobs : Well anyday if you feel like so in your job (which ideally you should not), then let me tell you a hard fact that in Probationary Officer job you have a bond of at least 2 years which you cannot break and in case you want to then be ready to pay the compensation.

So which is better finally ? SSC CGL or IBPS PO ?

The pros and cons of the two jobs given above are facts and it is absolutely upto you what you like! No job is bad or poor as compared to other. Bank PO job is as good as any SSC CGL job or vice versa, as it is your perspective and priority which makes one job more suitable or like-able than the other.
So final call should absolutely be your depending upon your choice!

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