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Exercise On One Word Substitution For Persons

Exercise on One Word Substitution 

1. Cacographist
  1. One who is having ego.

  2. One who has unique style.

  3. One who is bad in spelling.

  4. One who is good in spelling.Answer : Option 3

2. Itinerant

  1. moving from place to place.

  2. never go out.

  3. living in a city.

  4. living in a remote area.
Answer :Option 1

Itinerant meaning in hindi भ्रमणशील

3. Cynic

  1. One who sneers at the beliefs of others.

  2. One who appriciate.

  3. One who is confused.

  4. One who is candidate for something.
Answer :Option 1

Cynic meaning in hindi निंदक

4. Pacifist

  1. One who is in confusion.

  2. One who want all at any cost.

  3. One who hates peace.

  4. One who loves peace.
Answer :Option 4

Pacifist meaning in Hindi शांतिवादी

5. Contemporaries

  1. A type dance.

  2. A person or thing living or existing at the same time.

  3. Angry mob.

  4. A type of protest.
Answer :Option 2

Contemporaries meaning in hindi समकालीन व्यक्ति

6. Mercenary

  1. Primarily concerned with making good relations.

  2. Primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics.

  3. Primarily concerned with making people happy.

  4. Primarily concerned with his/her family.
Answer :Option 2

Mercenary meaning in Hindi लोभी example: Mercenary Army

7. Effeminate

  1. Having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a woman.

  2. Having or showing characteristics regarded as typical of a strong man.

  3. Having a habit of sharing secrets.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 1

Effeminate meaning in hindi नारी जैसा Effeminate Person.

8. Sot

  1. teetotaller.

  2. very weak.

  3. habitual drunkard.

  4. very strong.
Answer :Option 3

Sot meaning in Hindi पियक्कड़

9. Narcissist

  1. someone in love with himself.

  2. someone who hate himself.

  3. someone who loves his parents.

  4. someone who hate his parents.
Answer :Option 1

Narcissist meaning in Hindi आत्ममोही

10. Chauvinist

  1. A person displaying aggressive or exaggerated patriotism.

  2. A person showing disappointment.

  3. A person feeling low.

  4. A person feeling very excited.
Answer :Option 1

11. Virtuoso

  1. Dump performer on stage.

  2. Brilliant performer on stage.

  3. Dump performer in studies.

  4. Brilliant performer in studies.
Answer :Option 2

Virtuoso meaning in Hindi गुणी कलाकार

12. Epicure

  1. A person who take care.

  2. A person who always take initiative.

  3. A person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink.

  4. A person who always speaks irrelevant.
Answer :Option 3

Epicure meaning in hindi स्वादलोलुप व्यक्ति

13. Convalescent

  1. One who is always obeyed.

  2. One who gets whatever he desires.

  3. One who have lost his loved one.

  4. Recovering from an illness or operation.
Answer :Option 4

Convalescent meaning in hindi स्वास्थ्यलाभ से संबंधित

14. Ambidextrous

  1. Person who can eat veg and non veg.

  2. One who feeds on flesh

  3. One who can use either hand with ease.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 3

Ambidextrous means One who can use either hand with ease.

15. Demagogue

  1. A leader who is not true to people.

  2. A leader or orator who espoused the cause of the common people.

  3. A leader who has good skills of speaking.

  4. A leader who do not deserve to be.
Answer :Option 2

Demagogue meaning in hindi जनसमुदाय का नेता

16. Debonair

  1. Suave.

  2. Irritated.

  3. Calm.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 1

Debonair meaning in hindi भद्र, हँसमुख

17. Dilettante

  1. very intelligent.

  2. eager to learn.

  3. an amateur who engages in an activity without serious intentions and who pretends to have knowledge.

  4. person who do not want to learn.
Answer :Option 3

Dilettante meaning in hindi नौसिखुआ

18. Stoic

  1. A person who is indifferent to the pains and pleasures of life.

  2. A person who is in to the pains and pleasures of life.

  3. A person who always remain in pain.

  4. A person who is always in pleasures of life.
Answer :Option 1

Stoic meaning in Hindi भावहीन

19. Henpecked

  1. Controlled by lady friend.

  2. Controlled by mother.

  3. Controlled by wife.

  4. Controlled by sister.
Answer :Option 3

Henpecked meaning in hindi पत्नी द्वारा नियन्त्रित

20. Samaritan

  1. One who is very hatred.

  2. One who helps needy.

  3. One who never help.

  4. One who is very greedy.
Answer :Option 2

Samaritan meaning in Hindi नेक आदमी

21. Amateur

  1. One who is not having experience.

  2. One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession.

  3. One who have all happiness.

  4. One who remains sad.
Answer :Option 2

Amateur means One who does a thing for pleasure and not as a profession.

22. Bohemian

  1. waves in the sea.

  2. fresh mood.

  3. irritatation.

  4. an unconventional style of living.
Answer :Option 4

Bohemian means an unconventional style of living.

Bohemian meaning in hindi रूढ़िमुक्त

23. Fastidious

  1. A lover of good food.

  2. A lover of music.

  3. A lover of art.

  4. Very particular and choosy person.
Answer :Option 4

Fastidious meaning in hindi तुनुक मिज़ाज

24. Philogynist

  1. A person who have lots to hide.

  2. A person who have nothing to hide.

  3. A person who likes or admires women.

  4. A person who hates women.
Answer :Option 3

Philogynist meaning in Hindi स्त्री से प्रेम करने वाला

25. Cosmopolitan

  1. a person who can speak all languages.

  2. a person who regards the whole world as his country.

  3. a person who is having knowledge of all topics.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 2

Cosmopolitan meaning in hindi जो देश या जाति के पक्षापात से रहित हो

26. Gourmand

  1. A person who enjoys drinking and often drink too much.

  2. A person who enjoys eating and often eats too much.

  3. A person who enjoying going place to place.

  4. A person who have false perceptions about him.
Answer :Option 2

Gourmand meaning in hindi पेटू

27. Impregnable

  1. that cannot be treated by love.

  2. that cannot be entered by hate.

  3. that cannot be seen.

  4. that cannot be entered by force.
Answer :Option 4

Impregnable meaning in hindi अभेद्य

28. Cynosure

  1. One who always remains happy.

  2. One who is not present.

  3. One who is hated by everyone.

  4. One who is centre of attraction.
Answer :Option 4

Cynosure meaning in hindi आकर्षण-बिन्दु

29. Heretic

  1. A person who acts for the religion.

  2. A person who acts against religion.

  3. A person who pretends.

  4. A person who want something at any cost.
Answer :Option 2

Heretic meaning in hindi अपधर्मी

30. Highbrow

  1. Egoistic

  2. Expensive

  3. Cheap

  4. Intellectual
Answer :Option 4

Highbrow meaning in hindi बुद्धिमान

31. Iconoclast

  1. someone who never say lie.

  2. someone who attacks cherished ideas or traditional institutions.

  3. someone who never say truth.

  4. someone who is very pretty.
Answer :Option 2

Iconoclast meaning in hindi रिवाज़ तोड़नेवाला

32. Anarchist

  1. Religious person.

  2. Person against a particular religion.

  3. Person who always suspects.

  4. One who is out to destroy all governments, peace and order
Answer :Option 4

Anarchist means One who is out to destroy all governments, peace and order.
Anarchist meaning in hindi अराजकतावादी

33. Misanthrope

  1. A person who has particular skill.

  2. A person who have professional skills.

  3. A person who likes humankind and work for human society.

  4. A person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society.
Answer :Option 4

Misanthrope meaning in Hindi मानवद्वेषी

34. Numismatist

  1. One who collect dresses.

  2. One who collect tickets.

  3. One who collect coins.

  4. One who collect autographs.
Answer :Option 3

Numismatist meaning in Hindi मुद्राशास्त्रज्ञ

35. Coquette

  1. A motivational lady.

  2. A woman who flirts.

  3. A woman who can protect herself.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 2

Coquette meaning in hindi अपने सौंदर्य से पुरुषों को मोहित करने वाली

36. Hypochondriac

  1. a patient with imaginary symptoms and ailments

  2. a person who thinks that he is superior

  3. a person who thinks he is wrong

  4. confessing one's mistakes
Answer :Option 1

Hypochondriac meaning in hindi रोगभ्रमी

37. Libertine

  1. who is living a moral life.

  2. who have good skills of fighting.

  3. who behaves without moral principles.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 3

Libertine meaning in hindi व्यभिचारी

38. Altruist

  1. One who is lover of beauty.

  2. One who never stops.

  3. A lover of mankind.

  4. A person who hates mankind.
Answer :Option 3

Altruist means A lover of mankind.
Synonym : Philanthropist
Antonym : Misanthrope

39. Arbitrator

  1. a person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute.

  2. a person who is appointed to give punishment.

  3. a person who is always aggressive.

  4. a person who always give blessings.
Answer :Option 1

Arbitrator means a person appointed by two parties to solve a dispute.

40. Uxorious

  1. extremely fond of one's father.

  2. extremely fond of one's sister.

  3. extremely fond of one's mother.

  4. extremely fond of one's wife.
Answer :Option 4

Uxorious meaning in Hindi जोरू का गुलाम

41. Polyglot

  1. Proficient in one language only.

  2. Knowing or using several languages.

  3. Proficient in one subject.

  4. Knowing several subjects.
Answer :Option 2

Polyglot meaning in Hindi बहुभाषी

42. Somnambulist

  1. someone who walks in sleep.

  2. someone who runs faster.

  3. someone who eats very much.

  4. someone who is very greedy.
Answer :Option 1

Somnambulist meaning in Hindi निद्राचारी

43. Recluse

  1. one who lives in seclusion.

  2. one who lives in society.

  3. one who lives in temple.

  4. one who is always in news.
Answer :Option 1

Recluse meaning in Hindi एकांतवासी

44. Agnostic

  1. One who is not sure about God's existence.

  2. One who believes in God's existence.

  3. One having different style of living.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 1

Agnostic means One who is not sure about God's existence.

45. Ascetic

  1. One who is in confusion.

  2. One who make paintings.

  3. One who leads an austere life.

  4. One who is lover of beauty.
Answer :Option 3

Ascetic means One who leads an austere life.
Ascetic meaning in hindi सन्यासी

46. Fugitive

  1. One who run away from Justice.

  2. One who want Justice.

  3. One who believe in prayers.

  4. One who is very innocent.
Answer :Option 1

Fugitive meaning in hindi तड़ीपार

47. Philanderer

  1. a man who dislikes women.

  2. a man who likes many women and has short sexual relationships with them.

  3. a man who have almost all solutions for every issue, specially for women.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 2

Philanderer meaning in Hindi व्यभिचारी

48. Indefatigable

  1. Tired

  2. Tireless

  3. Just awaken

  4. Running
Answer :Option 2

Indefatigable meaning in hindi अथक

49. Connoisseur

  1. An ideal.

  2. A participant.

  3. An expert judge.

  4. A beautiful girl.
Answer :Option 3

Connoisseur meaning in hindi पारखी

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