7 Jan 2016

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Exercise on One Word Substitution II

1. Extempore

  1. Spoken or done with proper preparation.

  2. Spoken or done without preparation.

  3. Spoken or done in alone.

  4. Spoken or done in front of public.
Answer :Option 2

Extempore meaning in Hindi : बिना तैयारी का
Extempore example sentence:
He always do mistakes when he speaks extemporaneously.

2. Platonic

  1. A love meant to be a physical desire.

  2. A love free from physical desire.

  3. A person who can speak all languages.

  4. A nation or person thinking of itself.
Answer :Option 2

Platonic meaning in Hindi : निष्काम

3. Sinecure

  1. A honorary job.

  2. A job with little responsibility but high salary.

  3. A job with high responsibility but little salary.

  4. A very promising job or carrier.
Answer :Option 2

Sinecure meaning in Hindi : आराम की नौकरी
Sinecure example sentence :
Some big foundations had become sinecures for stake holders who appropriated all the income.

4. Amphibian

  1. Animal that live in both land and sea.

  2. Animal that live in sea.

  3. Animal that live in land.

  4. Animal that live at trees.
Answer :Option 1

Amphibian meaning in Hindi जलथली

5. Venial

  1. A big fault that is forgiven

  2. A slight fault that cannot be forgiven.

  3. A big fault that cannot be forgiven.

  4. A slight fault that can be forgiven.
Answer :Option 4

Venial meaning in Hindi : क्षम्य
Venial example sentence :
I do not think that this is a venial sin.

6. Sacrilege

  1. Be a volunteer for country.

  2. Making a disturbance.

  3. Obeying a religious order.

  4. Violation of what is regarded as sacred.
Answer :Option 4

Sacrilege meaning in Hindi : अपवित्रीकरण
Sacrilege example sentence :
Such was its reputation that it seemed sacrilege to dare to improve on it.

7. Utopia

  1. An imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect.

  2. An imagined place which is worst for human beings to live.

  3. An imagined place where two lovers want to go.

  4. An imagined place where everything is free.
Answer :Option 1

Utopia meaning in Hindi : आदर्श राज्य
Utopia example sentence :
He always desired a peaceful, utopian society.

8. Panacea

  1. A reason of the trouble.

  2. A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

  3. A solution of a complex problem of mathematics.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 2

Panacea meaning in Hindi : रामबाण दवा
Panacea example sentence :
Reema said, this medicine has prove to be a panacea for me.

9. Belligerent

  1. A nation or person thinking of itself.

  2. A nation or person talking of peace.

  3. A nation or person engaged in war.

  4. A nation or person helping unconditional.
Answer :Option 3

Belligerent meaning in Hindi युद्धकारी
Belligerent example sentence :
He is quite Belligerent.

10. Blasphemy

  1. An act of speaking for ruler.

  2. An act of speaking against ruler.

  3. An act of speaking for religion.

  4. An act of speaking against religion.
Answer :Option 4

Blasphemy meaning in Hindi ईश्वर निन्दा
Blasphemy example sentence :
I fail to see the blasphemy in using that product.

11. Ephemeral

  1. Lasting for a very short time.

  2. Everlasting.

  3. Lasting till we wish.

  4. Lasting till certain event.
Answer :Option 1
Ephemeral meaning in Hindi क्षणभंगुर
Ephemeral example sentence :
Fashions are ephemeral

12. Allegory

  1. A story told by elders to younger ones.

  2. A story with no moral.

  3. A story that express ideas through language.

  4. A story that express ideas through symbols.
Answer :Option 4

Allegory meaning in Hindi रूपक-कथा

13. Interregnum

  1. A period of intervals between two regimes.

  2. A period of a government or regime.

  3. A moment when a government fell down.

  4. A moment when a new government is formed.
Answer :Option 1

Interregnum meaning in Hindi अंतराल

14. Plagiarism

  1. The practice of taking someone else's work.

  2. The hobby of giving all credit to others.

  3. A honorary work.

  4. A work done at the cost of moral values.
Answer :Option 1

Plagiarism meaning in Hindi : साहित्यिक चोरी
Plagiarism example sentence :
He have made a software which can be used for source code plagiarism detection.

15. Inevitable

  1. Very greedy.

  2. Very promising.

  3. Highly uncertain.

  4. Certain to happen.
Answer :Option 4

Inevitable meaning in Hindi निश्चित
Inevitable example sentence :
This is perhaps inevitable, given that the interest has arisen directly from the social sciences.

16. Regalia

  1. The distinctive clothing worn and ornaments carried at formal occasions as an indication of status.

  2. Referring to a situation where people are not having food but leaders are enjoying.

  3. Refers to a disease.

  4. Refers to God's grace.
Answer :Option 1

Regalia meaning in Hindi : राजचिह्न
Regalia example sentence :
They demonstrated their support by wearing party regalia.

17. Pantheism

  1. the belief that God is not one.

  2. the belief that God is one.

  3. the belief that God pervades nature.

  4. the belief that God do not pervades nature.
Answer :Option 3

Pantheism meaning in Hindi : ब्रह्मवाद
Pantheism example sentence :
Few people have no feeling for pantheism these days.

18. Nostalgia

  1. A sort of joyful moment.

  2. A sort of horror.

  3. A sentimental longing for the past.

  4. Excitement for the coming future.
Answer :Option 3

Nostalgia meaning in Hindi घटनाओं की यादें
Nostalgia example sentence :
Perhaps some felt nostalgia for the warm home they left.

19. Axiom

  1. A statement that required proofs to get it established.

  2. A statement or proposition that is regarded as being established.

  3. A statement which is not relevant.

  4. A statement which is relevant to current situation.
Answer :Option 2

Axiom meaning in Hindi सूक्ति

20. Gregarious

  1. Living with an aim.

  2. Living without any aim.

  3. Living alone.

  4. Living in flocks.
Answer :Option 4

Gregarious meaning in Hindi : मिलनसार, झुंड से सम्बन्धित
Gregarious example sentence :
Few species are known to be highly gregarious.

21. Potable

  1. Fit to eat

  2. Fit to drink.

  3. Fit to smell.

  4. Fit to carry.
Answer :Option 2

Please note it is Potable not Portable (which we can carry)
Potable meaning in Hindi : पीने योग्य
potable water is very necessary for stopping infections of this kind.

22. Red-tapism

  1. Rude ruler.

  2. Nice ruler.

  3. Official formality resulting in delay.

  4. Official formality helping in a quick action.
Answer :Option 2

Red-tapism meaning in Hindi लालफीताशाही
Red-tapism example sentence :
Court has directed to help him long ago, but still he is looking for help due to Red-tapism.

23. A formal resignation and renunciation of powers

  1. Regalia

  2. Axiom

  3. Abdication

  4. Fauna
Answer :Option 3

Abdication example sentence:
He use to abdicate in favour of his son.
Abdicate meaning in Hindi छोड़ देना

24. Souvenir

  1. A thing that is kept as a reminder of an event.

  2. A thing .given as a prize.

  3. A thing which is related to quiz.

  4. A thing which is related to religious matters.
Answer :Option 1

Souvenir meaning in Hindi यादगार
Souvenir example sentence :
These are souvenir mugs which we will distribute among all employees.

25. Chronology

  1. The arrangement of events on the basis of even odd.

  2. The arrangement of events in some algorithmic way.

  3. The arrangement of events in the order of their occurrence.

  4. The arrangement of events in random order.
Answer :Option 3

Chronology meaning in Hindi कालानुक्रम
Chronology example sentence :
Establishing a chronology is essential to Rahul's argument.

26. Crusade

  1. A war going to happen in near future.

  2. A religious war.

  3. A never ending war.

  4. A war of past.
Answer :Option 2
Crusade meaning in Hindi धर्मयुद्ध
Crusade example sentence :
Few people joins the crusades for their own political benefits.

27. Biopsy

  1. An examination of tissue removed from a living body.

  2. An examination of tissue removed from a dead body.

  3. An examination of old bones.

  4. An examination of old civilization.
Answer :Option 1

28. Soliloquy

  1. a play of a drama.

  2. a replay of the previous drama.

  3. speech you make to yourself.

  4. speech given to audience.
Answer :Option 3

Soliloquy meaning in Hindi : स्वगत कथन
Soliloquy example sentence :
Use of soliloquy increases interest in play.

29. Pedantic

  1. A person above from material things.

  2. A person needs mercy.

  3. A style meant to display one's knowledge.

  4. A style meant to display one's foolishness.
Answer :Option 3

Pedantic meaning in Hindi पण्डिताऊ
Pedantic example sentence :
These interpretations are called meta or more pedantically we can say it metadata.

30. Plebiscite

  1. A decision taken to please some one.

  2. A decision taken under pressure.

  3. A decision taking without public view.

  4. A decision made by public voting.
Answer :Option 4

Plebiscite meaning in Hindi : जनमत
Plebiscite example sentence :
This decision was taken following a plebiscite.

31. Indelible

  1. A mark that can be erased.

  2. A mark that cannot be erased.

  3. A mark which we can see from long distance.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 2

Indelible meaning in Hindi अमिट
Indelible example sentence :
That incident made an indelible imprint on my mind.

32. Verbatim

  1. a writing, which is never written before.

  2. a writing word for word.

  3. related to a war.

  4. related to social projects.
Answer :Option 2

Verbatim meaning in Hindi : लफ़्ज़-ब-लफ़्ज़
Verbatim example sentence :
He presented a verbatim report of the meeting.

33. Almanac

  1. A modern calender.

  2. An annual calender with position of stars.

  3. A calender only with holidays list.

  4. A calender with historical information.
Answer :Option 2

Almanac meaning in Hindi जंतरी

34. Infallible

  1. Always failing.

  2. Never failing.

  3. Always stopping.

  4. Never stopping.
Answer :Option 2

Infallible meaning in Hindi कभी गलती न करने वाला
Infallible example sentence :
A dozen good products do not make a company infallible.

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