7 Jan 2016

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Exercise One Word Substitution III

1. Hangar

  1. a place for housing aeroplane.

  2. a place for housing cars.

  3. a place for housing trucks.

  4. a place for housing cycles.
Answer :Option 1

2. Arena

  1. A place for hockey.

  2. A place for indoor games.

  3. A place for racing.

  4. A place for wrestling.
Answer :Option 4

Arena meaning in Hindi अखाडा

3. Infirmary

  1. A hospital.

  2. A picnic spot.

  3. A wonder place.

  4. A historical place.
Answer :Option 1

Infirmary meaning in Hindi : रोगीशाला

4. Stable

  1. A house of shelter for hen.

  2. A house of shelter for dog.

  3. A house of shelter for cow.

  4. A house of shelter for horse.
Answer :Option 4

Stable meaning in Hindi : तबेला

5. Orchard

  1. land planted with grains.

  2. land planted with fruit trees.

  3. land planted with wild trees.

  4. land which which we can not utilize for farming.
Answer :Option 2

Orchard meaning in Hindi : बगीचा, उपवन

6. Hive

  1. a place for peacocks.

  2. a place for dogs.

  3. a place for bees.

  4. a place for monkeys.
Answer :Option 3

Hive meaning in Hindi : मधुमक्खी का छत्ता

7. Menagerie

  1. a place where animals are treated.

  2. a place for wild animals and birds.

  3. a place for animals which is not appropriate for wild animals and birds.

  4. none of above.
Answer :Option 2

8. Hutch

  1. a cage for parrot.

  2. a cage for rabbits.

  3. a cage for tiger.

  4. a cage for lion.
Answer :Option 2

Hutch meaning in Hindi : खरगोश का पिंजरा

9. Reservoir

  1. A place where no water is there.

  2. A place where we store goods.

  3. A place where water is collected and stored.

  4. A cold place to store grains.
Answer :Option 3

Reservoir meaning in Hindi : जलाशय

10. Monastery

  1. a place where monks and priests do not like to go.

  2. a place where monks and priests are prohibited.

  3. a place where monks and priests do meetings.

  4. a residence for monks and priests.
Answer :Option 4

Monastery meaning in Hindi : मठ

11. Dormitory

  1. inner part of the city.

  2. outskirts of a city.

  3. sleeping rooms in an institution.

  4. exercise rooms in an institution.
Answer :Option 3


Dormitory meaning in Hindi : शयनगृह

12. Granary

  1. where treasures are kept.

  2. where woods are kept.

  3. where clothes are kept.

  4. where grains are kept.
Answer :Option 4

Granary meaning in Hindi : अन्न-भंडार

13. Scullery

  1. A place where food is served.

  2. A place for washing dishes.

  3. A place for keeping dishes.

  4. A place where food is made.
Answer :Option 2

Scullery meaning in Hindi : बर्तन माँजने की जगह

14. Cemetery

  1. A place related to birds.

  2. A place related to animals.

  3. A place where postmortem of dead bodies is done.

  4. A graveyard where dead are buried.
Answer :Option 4

15. Decanter

  1. a bottle having unique design on it.

  2. a bottle which is made by different metals.

  3. a bottle with a stopper for serving wine or water.

  4. a very old bottle.
Answer :Option 3

Decanter meaning in Hindi : निथरनी

16. Mint

  1. a place where beverages are made.

  2. a place to display things.

  3. a place where garments are made.

  4. a place where money is coined.
Answer :Option 4

Mint meaning in Hindi : टकसाल

17. Apiary

  1. where bees are kept.

  2. where dogs are kept.

  3. where cats are kept.

  4. where rabbits are kept.
Answer :Option 1

Apiary meaning in Hindi मधुमक्षिशाला

18. Sty

  1. A place where pigs are kept.

  2. A place where cows are kept.

  3. A place where parrots are kept.

  4. A place where peacocks are kept.
Answer :Option 1

Sty meaning in Hindi : सूअरखाना, शूकर शाला

19. Burrow

  1. Safety places made by army.

  2. A hole or tunnel dug by a small animal.

  3. Specific locations which are important in war.

  4. None of above.
Answer :Option 2

Burrow meaning in Hindi : बिल

20. Arsenal

  1. A place where garments for military are stored or made.

  2. A place where weapons and military equipment are stored or made.

  3. A place where army do practise.

  4. A place won by army in a war.
Answer :Option 2

Arsenal meaning in Hindi : शस्त्रागार
Arsenal example sentence :
That nation has a well equipped arsenal.

21. Tannery

  1. A place where products are displayed.

  2. A place where players practise.

  3. A place where leather is tanned.

  4. A place where music is composed.
Answer :Option 3

22. Elysium

  1. A place where no happiness is there.

  2. A place or state of perfect happiness.

  3. A place where you can meditate.

  4. A place where you can full fill all desires.
Answer :Option 2

Elysium meaning in Hindi : बैकुण्ठ

23. Wardrobe

  1. a place for goods.

  2. a place for clothes.

  3. a place for shoes.

  4. a place for watches.
Answer :Option 2

Wardrobe meaning in Hindi : वस्त्र-भण्डार

24. Drey

  1. the place place to hide near water.

  2. the place where animals live.

  3. the nest of a sparrow.

  4. the nest of a squirrel
Answer :Option 4

25. Abattoir

  1. A lonely place.

  2. A crowded place.

  3. A place where animals are slaughtered.

  4. A place where animals are given protection.
Answer :Option 3

Abattoir meaning in Hindi बूचड़खाना

26. Sheath

  1. A special weapon.

  2. A dress of army used in a war.

  3. Cover of sword.

  4. Cloth for covering wound.
Answer :Option 3

Sheath meaning in Hindi : म्यान

27. Cache

  1. Destroyed place.

  2. A rehabilitated place.

  3. A place where ammunition is hidden.

  4. A place where large number of animals are kept.
Answer :Option 3

Cache meaning in Hindi : गुप्त भंडार

28. Kennel

  1. Shelter for elephant.

  2. Shelter for hen.

  3. Shelter for dog.

  4. Shelter for lion.
Answer :Option 3

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