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Idioms List with I, J, K, L, M and N

Idioms with I, J, K, L, M and N


Idioms / PhrasesMeaning
Icing On The Cake:When you already have it good and get something on top of what you already have.
Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools:You are more likely to get in trouble if you have nothing to do.
If It's Not One Thing, It's Another:When one thing goes wrong, then another, and another...
In a delicate stateHanging in balance
In a flat spinIn a state of panic
In a jamIn trouble
In a jiffyIn a hurry
In a muckIn an untidy situation
In a nutshellIn a simple and brief manner
In a real fixIn a difficult situation
In a soupIn trouble
In abeyanceIn suspension
In character withFound to be in keeping with
In embryoIn under developing stage
In high spritCheerful
In lieu ofIn place of
In Like Flynn:To be easily successful, especially when sexual or romantic.
In one’s elementsFeel relax and confident
In rapturesVery enthusiastic
In tattersRuined
In the arms of MorpheusIn the lap of sleep
In The Bag:To have something secured.
In the bluesDepressed
In the books offIn favour with
In The Buff:Nude.
In the dumpsIn low spirits
In The Heat Of The Moment:Overwhelmed by what is happening in the moment.
In the long runUltimately
In the nick of timeJust in the time
In the nick of timeJust in time
in the offingAbout to start
In the sequelLater on
In Your Face:An aggressive and bold confrontation.
Intends and purposesPractically
It Takes Two To Tango:A two person conflict where both people are at fault.
It's A Small World:You frequently see the same people in different places.
Its Anyone's Call:A competition where the outcome is difficult to judge or predict.
Itsy bitsyVery small
Jack of all tradesA person supposed to know everything but master of none
Jaywalk:Crossing the street (from the middle) without using the crosswalk.
Jew’s eyeA possession of high value
Join the majorityTo die
Joshing Me:Tricking me.
Judas kissFalse love
Kangaroo courtUnofficial court
Keep a level headRemain cool and composed
Keep An Eye On Him:You should carefully watch him.
Keep atContinue doing
Keep body and soul together:To earn a sufficient amount of money in order to keep yourself alive .
Keep downPrevent from rising
Keep fromAbstain from
Keep offWard off
Keep the finger crossingWait expectantly
Keep toMaintain
Keep your chin up:To remain joyful in a tough situation.
Keep your nose cleanKeep out of trouble
Keeping up appearancesMaintaining outward show
Keeps a good tableEntertain guest sumptuously
Kept upMaintained
Kick heelswaste time
Kick the bucketTo die
Kick The Bucket:Die.
Kiss the rodAccept the punishment
Kith and kinRelatives
Kitty-corner:Diagonally across. Sometimes called Catty-Corner as well.
Knee Jerk Reaction:A quick and automatic response.
Knock On Wood:Knuckle tapping on wood in order to avoid some bad luck.
Knocked aboutWandered about
Know the Ropes:To understand the details.
Laid outInvested
Last but not least:An introduction phrase to let the audience know that the last person mentioned is no less important than those introduced before him/her.
Latin and GreekIncomprehensible
Lay bareExpose
Lay by the heelsChance and capture
Lead somebody to the alterTo marry somebody
Leaps and boundsRapidly
Leave high and dryTo leave some one unsupported and unable to maneuver
Lend Me Your Ear:To politely ask for someone's full attention.
Let Bygones Be Bygones:To forget about a disagreement or arguement.
Let downlowered
Let inAllowed to enter
Let looseSet free
Let offRelease , free
Let onReveal
Let outTo hire
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie:To avoid restarting a conflict.
Let The Cat Out Of The Bag:To share a secret that wasn't suppose to be shared.
Let the grass grow under the feetStayed out
Level playing field:A fair competition where no side has an advantage.
Like a bat out of hellAt top speed
Like a chicken with its head cut off:To act in a frenzied manner.
Like a duck in a thunderstormDistressed
Like a fish out of waterIn troubled situation
Like grim deathVery firmly
liquor someone up:To get someone drunk.
Little elbowFreedom
Long and shortMain point
Long in the Tooth:Old people (or horses).
Look a gift horse in the mouthFind fault with a gift
Look a gift house in the mouthCriticize a gift
Look blankSurprise
Look blueAppear disturb
Look upVisit
Loose Cannon:Someone who is unpredictable and can cause damage if not kept in check.
Lose one’s headTo be carried away
Lump in the throatA highly emotional state
Lying downTo show no reaction
Lying downShow no reaction
Lynch lawLaw of the mob
Make a wry faceShow disappointment
Make a wry faceShow disappointment
Make afterChase , follow
Make amendsTo give compensation
Make awaySteal
Make away withGet rid of, commit suicide
Make both end meetEarn enough
Make ducks and drakesSquandered lavishly
Make flesh creepFrightened
Make hay while the sun risesMake the best use of a favourable situation
Make lightTreat lightly
Make light ofNot to care of
Make no boneDo without hesitation
Make no bone aboutTo admit something readily
Make No Bones About:To state a fact so there are no doubts or objections.
Make parade ofSpeak highly of
Make too much ofOverestimate
Man of strawInsignificant
Mare’s nestA false invention
Means businessEarnest /sincere
Method To My Madness:Strange or crazy actions that appear meaningless but in the end are done for a good reason.
Midas touchAbility to success in all projects
Midas touchA touch which turns anything into gold
Middle of the roadAverage
Mince one’s wordsChoose term carefully
Mincing mannersNot to speak plainly
Monkey’s monkeyKind not cash
Moot pointA debatable point
Mother witCommon sense
Mumbo Jumbo:Nonsense or meaningless speech.
Mum's the word:To keep quiet. To say nothing.
Narrow bedGrave
Neck of the woodsArea, neighbourhood
Neck or nothingWith the use of everything
Neck outInvite trouble unnecessarily
Nest Egg:Savings set aside for future use.
Never Bite The Hand That Feeds You:Don't hurt anyone that helps you.
New kid on the block:Someone new to the group or area.
New York Minute:A minute that seems to go by quickly, especially in a fast paced environment.
No Dice:To not agree. To not accept a proposition.
No love lostIntense dislike
No Room to Swing a Cat:An unsually small or confined space.
No vie like avariceGreed is greater than any other vice
Not for all the tea in chinaNo matter how great the reward
Not for nutsUnder no circumstances
Not for nutsUnder no circumstances
Not Playing With a Full Deck:Someone who lacks intelligence.
Not to mince mattersTo speak our frankly
Now and thenOccasionally
Null and voidInvalid , without legal effect

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