7 Jan 2016

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Learning About Histogram With The Help Of Examples

Concepts of Data Interpretation for SSC CGL


  • A histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of numerical data using bars of different heights.

  • To construct a histogram, a section of the number line is divided into equal parts, called bins, Range or Class Interval.

  • note that for a histogram, all the bins must be of the same width.

  • The horizontal axis is continuous like a number line.

  • Histograms are a great way to show results of continuous data, such as weight, height, time, etc.

HistogramIt is similar to a Bar Chart, but a histogram groups numbers into ranges

And you decide what ranges to use!

  • But when the data is in categories (such as Country or Favorite Movie), we should use a Bar Chart.

    Question Based on Histogram

The histogram shows the heights of 21 students in a class, grouped into 5-inch groups.histogrma 1

Q1. How many students were greater than or equal to 60 inches tall?
A)  21                                                 B)   10
C)  11                                                  D)  7

Q2. How many students were greater than or equal to 55 inches tall but less than 70 inches tall?
A)  13                                                 B)  15
C)  16                                                 D)  17

A class carried out an experiment to measure the lengths of cuckoo eggs. The length of each egg was measured to the nearest mm. The results are shown in the following histogram:

histo 2

Q3.How many eggs were measured altogether in the experiment?
A)  25                                                           B)  40
C)  90                                                           D)  100

Q4.How many eggs were less than 23 mm in length?
A)  26                                                            B)  40
C)  66                                                            D)  92

1 C    2 A
3 D   4 C

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