28 Jan 2016

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Practice Test on Age Related Problems II


Q1.The average age of 12 players of a team is 25 years. If the captain’s age is included, the average age increases by 1 year.The age of the captain is:

a) 25 years b) 38 years c) 36 years d) 26 years

Q2. The average age of eleven players of a cricket team decreases by 2 months when two new players are included in the team replacing two players of age 17 years and 20 years. The average age of new players is

a) 17 years 1 month   b) 17 years 7 months    c) 17 years 11 months  d) 18 years 3 months

Q3. The present age of a father is 3 years more than three times the age of his son. Three years hence, father’s age will be 10 years more than twice the age of the son. The father’s present age is

a) 33 years     b) 39 years     c) 45 years    d) 40 years

Q4. My grandmother was 9 times older than me 16 years ago. He would be 3 times of my age, 8 years from now. Eight years ago, what was the ratio of my age to that of my grandmother?

a) 3: 8 b) 1: 5 c) 1:2 d) None of these

Q5. When the average age of a husband and wife and their son was 42 years, the son got married and a child was born just one year after the marriage. When child turned to be five years then the average age of family became 36 years. What was the age of daughter In Law at the time of marriage?
a) 26 years b) 25 years c) 24 years d) 23 years

Q6. In a school, the average age of students is 6 years, and the average age of 12 teachers is 40 years. If the average age of the combined group of all the teachers and students is 7 years, then the number of students is
a) 396 b) 400 c) 408 d) 416

Q7. The average age of 11 players of a cricket team is decreased by 2 months when two of them aged 17 years and 20 years are replaced by two new players. The average age of the new players is

a) 17 years 1 month b) 17 years 7 months c) 17 years 11 months d) 18 years 3 months

Q8. There were 24 students in a class. One of them, who was 18 years old, left the class and his place was filled up by a new comer. If the average of the class thereby, was lowered by one month, the age of the newcomer is

a) 14 years b) 15 years c) 16 years d) 17 years

Q9. The present average age of family of four members is 36 years. If the present age of the youngest member of the family be 12 years, the average age of the family at the birth of the youngest number was

a) 48 years b) 40 years c) 32 years d) 24 years

Q10. The present ages of A and B are in the ratio 4:5 and after 5 years they will be in the ratio 5:6. The present age of A is

a) 10 years b) 20 years c) 25 years d) 40 years

Q11. The average age of 9 students and their teacher is 16 year. The average age of the first four students is 19 years and that of the last five is 10 years. The teacher’s age is

a) 36 years b) 34 years c) 30 years d) 28 years

Q12. Five years ago, the average age of P, Q and R was 25 years and seven years ago, the average age of Q and R was 20 years. The present age of P is

a) 36 years b) 29 years c) 24 years d) 21 years

Q13. The average age of A and B is 30 years and that of B and C is 26 years. The difference of the age age of A and C is:

a) 2 years b) 4 years c) 6 years d)8 years

Q14. In a school with 600 students, the average age of the boys is 12 years and that of the girls is 11 years. If the average age of the school is 11 years and 9 months, then the number of girls in the school is

a) 450 b) 150 c) 250 d) 350

Answer Key

1b, 2 b, 3 a , 4 b , 5 b , 6 a , 7 b , 8 c , 9 c , 10 b , 11 b , 12 a, 13 d, 14 b


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