23 Jan 2016

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Problems on Work and Wages

Q1. Poonam can do a work in 3 days. Suman can do the same work in 2 days. Both of them finish the work together and get Rs 150, What is the share of Poonam?

a) Rs 30 b) Rs 60 c) Rs 70 d) Rs 75

Q2. The average wage of 500 workers was found to be Rs 200. Later on it was discovered that the wages of two workers were misread as 180 and 20 instead of 80 and 220. The correct average wage is:

a) Rs 200.10 b) Rs 200.20 c) Rs 200.50 d) Rs 201.00

Q3. A and B undertook to do a piece of work for rs 4500. A alone could do it in 8 days and B alone in 12 days. With the assistance of C they finished the work in 4 days. Then C’s share of the money is

a) Rs 2250 b) Rs 1500 c) Rs 750 d) Rs 375

Q4. If 6 persons working 8 hours a day earn Rs 8400 per week, then 9 persons working 6 hours a day will earn per week

a) Rs 8400 b) Rs 16800 c) Rs 9450 d) Rs 16200

Q5. A man and a boy received Rs 800 as wages for 5 days for the work they did together. the man’s efficiency in the work was three times that of the boy. What are the daily wages of the boy?

a) 76 b) Rs 56 c) Rs 44 d) Rs 40

Q6. A daily wage labourer was engaged for a certain number of days for Rs 5750, but being absent on some of those days he was paid only Rs 5000. What was his maximum possible daily wage?

a) RS 125 b) Rs 250 c) Rs 375 d) Rs 500

Q7. A, B and C Completed a work costing Rs 1800. A worked for 6 days, B for 4 days and C for 9 days. If their daily wages are in the ratio of 5:6:4, how much amount will be received by A?

a) Rs 800 b) Rs 600 c) Rs 900 d) Rs 750

Q8. A labourer was appointed by a contractor on the condition that he would be paid Rs 75 for each day of his work but would be fined at the rate of Rs 15 per day for his absence, apart from losing his wages, After 20 days, the contractor paid the labourer Rs 1140. The number of days the labourer abstained from work was

a) 3 b) 5 c) 4 d) 2

Q9. If 5 men or 7 women can earn Rs 5250 per day, how much would 7 men and 13 women earn per day?

a) Rs 11600 b) Rs 11700 c) Rs 16100 d) Rs 17100

Q10. 2 men and 1 woman together can complete a piece of work in 14 days, while 4 women and 2 men together can do it in 8 days. If a man gets Rs 600 per day, how much should a woman get per day?

a) Rs 400 b) Rs 450 c) Rs 480 d) Rs 360
Work and Wages Answer Key
2. b
3. c
4. c
5 d
6 b
7 b
8 c
9 d
10 a

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