6 Feb 2016

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All About "Treaty Of Versailles 1919"

Treaty Of Versailles 1919:
1. With the Unification of Germany in 1871, France not only lost its prestige but also the areas of resources. The 14 points of Woodrow Wilson, President of America appealed for liberal attitude towards defeated powers and inspired by this proposal Germans surrendered in 1918. But French President George Clemenceau was not in a mood to forgive Germany. He also wanted weak Germany to counter the competition from Germany and his main intention was to exploit the resources of Germany. The aspirations of French President had an impact on Treaty of Versailles which became the important ground for 2nd World War.
2. The important provisions of this Treaty were:

  • Germany lost its territories in Europe. Example: Saar, the coal producing area of Germany came under the control of France for 15 years.

  •  Alsace and Lorraine were also snatched away from Germany and a part of East Germany was given as a corridor to Poland.

  • Germany also lost its African Colonies like Cameroon, Tobo land, parts of Tanzania.

  •  Unaffordable compensation on Germany that was €6600 Million Pounds on the ground that Germany was solely responsible for the 1st World War.

  •  De-Militarization in which there was a ban on Navy and Air force and Germany was allowed to maintain an infantry of 1 lakh.

The Treaty of Versailles was not a punishment to Germany, it was a revenge of France against Germans and Germany. This led to humiliation of Germany and also created all types of political and economic troubles for German people. This suffering and humiliation of Germans gave an opportunity to Adolf Hitler to provoke the people and come into power and then his aggressive policies became the important cause of 2nd World War. In this situation of red threat and dissatisfaction of defeated Countries from League of Nations failed to maintain Peace and Stability in this World. In such circumstances the economic depression of 1929 in US appeared to be a cyclone in Europe.





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