7 Feb 2016

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Are You Prepared For Any Competitive Exam?


I this post i'm share my views on HOW TO PREPARE FOR ANY COMPETITIVE EXAM?. 

  1. The First and the most important thing is to introspect yourself. It means  आत्मविश्लेषण.
    This is the foremost thing which we should do before anything by this i mean that we should not go by what ours say or whatever. Everybody knows his/her limits.How much he/she can devote.
    You know yourself better than any one.
    If you think that you can do this and also doing necessary things for achieving the goal then No one can stop you from achieving that Goal.

  2. Planning:Prior to exam preparation you should first study and analysis about the examination essential required aspects likea) Qualification that is neededb) Percentage of marksc) Maximum and minimum age limit.See that you are meeting every required parameter.

  3.  Clear Your fundamental
    If you are done with first 2 point then in your next step you should clear your basic fundamentals that you have studied in 8th, 9th, 10th standards. Matriculation maths formulas should be on your finger tips; brush up your English grammar.

  4. Work on your General Knowledge and keep it updated, time by time through news media and magazine on current affairs and events.

  5.  Join coaching Institute
    It is not necessary that you should join any institute for competitive examination preparation if you do not feel that you should join it. But it can help you out ina) Providing you a proper counselling.b) Clear your doubtsc) Will provide you study materials.

  6. Set Your Goal
    You should set your realistic goal considering your ability, time duration, the resources you have. A good strategy should be made to achieve these goals.

  7.  Create environment by making group circle of friends who are interested and doing the same examination preparation. It will play vital role in busting your moral up in route of preparation.

  8.  Time Management
    You should distribute equal time to each section and more time should be given to the section or part in which you feel you are weak.

  9.  Be Positive
    You should be positive and should have faith in yourself because it may be possible that you could not  clear any exam in first time or in first attempt, it will check your patience.With positive frame of mind you can easily crack it in your second attempt.

  10. Take your mock test
    It is not difficult to solve all questions of any exam. But it is difficult to solve all of them in a given time duration. For that you should take sample papers and try to solve them in a given time period. These practices will enhance your performance in the examination real scenario.

  11.  Subscribe for the magazines which are of monthly based editions and comes with sample question papers.

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