14 Feb 2016

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Father of Some Famous Subjects And Revolutions


Generally 2-3 Questions are asked in every competitive exam.So we are here compiling some famous but important Name in our List.We hope you may find this article helpful in Preparation.

Father of Ayurveda: Charaka
Father of Biology: Aristotle
Father of Physics: Albert Einstein
Father of Statistics: Ronald Fisher
Father of Zoology: Aristotle
Father of History: Herodotus
Father of Microbiology: Louis Pasteur
Father of Botany: Theophrastus
Father of Algebra: Diophantus
Father of Blood groups: Landsteiner
Father of Electricity: Benjamin Franklin
Father of Trigonometry: Hipparchus
Father of Geometry: Euclid
Father of Modern Chemistry: Antoine Lavoisier
Father of Robotics: Nikola Tesla
Father of Electronics: Ray Tomlinson
Father of Internet: Vinton Cerf
Father of Economics: Adam Smith
Father of Video game: Thomas T. Goldsmith, Jr.
Father of Architecture: Imhotep
Father of Genetics: Gregor Johann Mendel
Father of Nanotechnology:Richard Smalley
Father of
Father of C language: Dennis Ritchie
Father of World Wide Web: Tim Berners-Lee
Father of Search engine: Alan Emtage
Father of Periodic table: Dmitri Mendeleev
Father of Taxonomy: Carolus Linnaeus
Father of Surgery (early): Sushruta
Father of Mathematics: Archimedes
Father of Medicine: Hippocrates
Father of Homeopathy: Samuel Hahnemann
Father of Law: Cicero
Father of the American Constitution: James Madison
Father of the Indian Constitution: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
Father of the Green Revolution: Norman Ernest Borlaug
Father of the Green Revolution in India: M.S Swaminathan
Father of the Indian Missile Programme : APJ Abdul Kalam


* Black Revolution - Petroleum Production : 1970
* Blue Revolution - Fish Production : 1960 Father of Blue revolution Prof :Hiralal Chaudhuri.
* Brown Revolution - Leather/non-conventional/Cocoa production
* Golden Fiber Revolution - Jute Production
* Golden Revolution - Fruits/Overall Horticulture development/Honey Production
* Green Revolution - Food grains : Father of Green Revolution M.S. Swaminathan.
* Grey Revolution - Fertilizer : 1964
* Pink Revolution - Onion production/Pharmaceutical/Prawn production
* Red Revolution - Meat & Tomato Production
* Round Revolution - Potato
* Silver Fiber Revolution - Cotton
* Silver Revolution - Egg/Poultry Production
* White Revolution (In India: Operation Flood) - Milk/Dairy production : 1970 Father of White revolution Dr. Verghese Kurien
* Yellow Revolution - Oil Seeds production : Father of Yellow Revolution Sam Pit Roda
* Evergreen Revolution - Overall development of Agriculture.

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