10 Jul 2016

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Most Important Idioms & Phrases SSC | SBI | IBPS

Most Important Idioms & Phrases SSC | SBI | IBPS :

In this post we are sharing 85 Most Important Idioms & Phrases. These will helpful in your preparation.You can Download the "MOST IMPORTANT IDIOMS & PHRASES" click on the Link provided.

1.Cry for the moon ------------------- Ask for the impossible

2.Be in a tight corner ---------------- In a very difficult situation

3.Cock and bull story ------------------ Made up story that one should not believe

4.Cat and dog life -------------------- Life full of quarrels

5.Like a cat on hot bricks --------------- Very nervous

6.Have a card up one’s sleeve --------- Have a secret plan in reserve

7.Tell against --------------------------- To prove adverse to; to go against

8.Run through --------------------------to squander or waste

9.Run over ------------------------------to drive over

10.Alive and kicking ------------------Active and healthy

11.To burn one’s fingers --------------To lose on account of foolish behavior

12.At sea ----------------------------------Confused or lost

13.Behind one’s back ---------------------In the absence of

14.To call a spade a spade ---------------To be frank and truthful

15.To break the ice ----------------------To break the silence

16.To bell the cat -------------------------To face the risk

17.A cat and dog life ---------------------To lead a life full of quarrels

18.A cold fish -----------------------------A person devoid of emotions

19.To cross the Rubicon ----------------To take a decisive step


21.To die hard --------------------------Change with great difficulty

22.To eat humble pie --------------------To apologise in a humble manner

23.To fight a losing battle --------------------Struggle without hope of success

24.A deadlock ----------------------------------A position when no progress can be made

25.A daredevil ------------------------------A person who does not care for any consequences

26.Once in a blue moon --------------------Very rarely

27.At a premium -------------------------------Difficult to get or obtain

28.To play the game ----------------------------To act honestly

29.To die in harness -------------------------------To work till the last day of one’s life

30.To plough a lonely furrow ----------------To work without help or support

31.Lock, stock and barrel ---------------------Completely

32.The long and the short ---------------------The main point

33.Bring to light -----------------------------------Disclose

34.The bottom line ------------------------------The final criteria

35.A cock and bull story ---------------------------------An improbable excuse

36.To kick one’s heels ---------------------------------To wait with nothing to do

37.Rain cats and dogs ----------------------------------Rain heavily

38.A hard nut to crack -------------------------------------A difficult problem

39.In high spirits -----------------------------------------------Very happy

40.Like a fish out of water ---------------------------------------In a strange situation

41.Smell a rat --------------------------------Suspect something foul

42.Read between the lines -----------------------Understand the hidden meaning

43.Tooth and nail -----------------------------With all one’s power

44.Spread like wild fire -------------------------------Spread quickly

45.Hit the nail on the head --------------------------Do or say the exact thing

46.Burn the midnight oil --------------------------Work or study hard

47.Under his thumb -----------------------------Under his control

48.With a high hand -------------------Oppressively

49. Gain ground -------------------------Become popular

50.By leaps and bounds --------------------Rapidly

51.Make off with ------------------------to run away with

52.Pass away ----------------------------------to die

53.To cry for the moon ---------------------Ask for the impossible

54.To make a pig of oneself ---------------------To over-eat

55.Donkey’s years ------------------------------A very long time

56.To pull one’s leg ------------------------------to joke; tease someone

57.To keep one’s fingers crossed ------------------To hope fervently

58.To call in question -----------------------------To disprove or doubt

59.To talk through one’s hat ---------------------------To talk ignorantly

60.To make up one’s mind -----------------------To decide

61.Hard and fast rules -----------------------------Rigid rules

62.To make one’s mouth water -----------------------To stimulate one’s appetite

63.By word of mouth ----------------------------------By spoken message

64.To get the better of someone -------------------To take advantage of someone

65.To rub shoulders ---------------------------To come into close contact

66.A snake in the grass -----------------------A hidden enemy

67.Between the devil and the deep blue sea -----------Between two dangers

68.Chew the cud -----------------------To discuss matters in a ponderous manner, especially reminiscing

69.To kill two birds with one stone ----------------To achieve two results with one effort

70.A close shave ---------------------A narrow escape

71.Chip off the old block -------------------------As good as one’s father

72.To pull a long face -----------------------------To look sad

73.Above board ---------------------------------Open and honest

74.To turn a deaf ear -----------------------------To ignore

75.To turn the tables -------------------------------To reverse the situation

76.To call someone names -------------------------To abuse someone

77.Above board --------------------------------Honest and open

78.At arms length -------------------------To keep at a distance

79.At the eleventh hour ----------------------At the last moment

80.An apple of discord -----------------------A cause of quarrel

81.To burn one’s boats --------------------Go back on a decision

82.To build castles in the air --------------------Make imaginary schemes

83.A burning question -------------------------An important topic

84.A brown study ---------------------------------Dreaming

85.Sitting on the fence ------------------------------Hesitate between two decisions


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