7 Sep 2016

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International Organizations and their Head-Quaters

International Organizations and its Head Quarters 
Organizations :: Head Quarters
• United Nations Security Council :: New York, USA
• United Nations General Assembly :: New York, USA
• United Nations Secretariat :: New York, USA
• International Court of Justice :: Peace Palace, The Hague, Netherlands
• International Criminal Court :: The Hague, Netherlands
• United Nations Economic and Social Council :: New York, USA
• Food and Agriculture Organization :: Rome, Italy
• International Civil Aviation Organization :: Montreal, Canada
• International Labor Organization :: Geneva, Switzerland
• International Maritime Organization :: London, UK
• International Fund for Agriculture Development :: Rome, Italy
• International Monetary Fund :: Washington DC, USA
• United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organization :: Paris, France
• World Bank Group :: Washington DC, USA
• World Health Organization :: Geneva, Switzerland
• World Intellectual Property Organization :: Geneva, Switzerland
• International Atomic Energy Agency :: Vienna, Austria
• World Trade Organization :: Geneva, Switzerland
• United Nations Children’s Fund :: New York, USA
• Association of South East Asian Nations :: Seat of Secretariat: Jakarta, Indonesia
• North Atlantic Treaty Organization :: Brussels, Belgium
• Greenpeace :: Amsterdam, Netherlands
• International Criminal Police Organization or Interpol :: Lyon, France
• European Union :: Belgium
• European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN :: Geneva, Switzerland
• The Common Wealth :: London, UK
• Non Aligned Movement :: Egypt
• South Asian Association for Regional Co-Operation :: Kathmandu, Nepal
• Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development :: Paris, France
• Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries :: Vienna, Austria
• Amnesty International :: London, UK
• International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (Red Cross) :: Geneva, Switzerland

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