2 Sep 2016

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SSC CGL 2016 Questions Asked in 01-09-2016

Today (01 September 2016) was Day 6 and SSC Has conducted SSC CGL (2016) Exam. In this post we are sharing some of the questions asked in this exam at all shifts (Morning shift Afternoon shift and
Evening shift). (ALL Three Shifts)

GA Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 tier 1 (01-09-2016) : All Shifts

  1. Gas produced in bleaching powder – Chlorine Gas
  2. Sariska and Ranthambore are famous for which animal? – Tigers
  3. IC full form – Integrated Circuits
  4. Talikota war happened in which empire
  5. Who died while playing polo – Qutb-ud-din Aibak
  6. Right to education came in through which amendment – 86th Amendment
  7. Dilwara famous temple belongs to which religion – Jain
  8. Which gas is used as a coolant in refrigerator?
  9. Gas responsible for the ozone depletion – CFC
  10. Guru of Mahatma Gandhi – Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  11. Use of transistor?
  12. Largest island of world – Greenland
  13. Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit – Environment and Development
  14. Jawhar Lal Nehru award is given for – International Understanding
  15. Why Argon gas is used in the Welding?
  16. Which space shuttle carried Sunita Williams beyond the Earth? – Soyuz (Russia).
  17. Ghatampur Thermal Power project located in which state? – Uttar Pradesh.
  18. Indian Railways issues insurance cover of –
  19. First Green corridor of Indian Railways? – Manamadurai-Rameswaram rail track.
  20. First inscriptional evidence of the Sati System in India has been found from?
  21. Jallikattu is related to – Pongal.
  22. Which city is called as the City of Palace? – Kolkata.
  23. Optical fiber works on the principle of? – Total Internal Reflection (TIR).
  24. What are also called as Suicidal bags? – Lysosome.
  25. Rajya Sabha Members are elected by? – Legislative Assembly of States and Union territories.
  26. Another name of Vinegar? – Acetic acid.
  27. Andaman and Nicobar is separated by which degree channel?
  28. Glittering of soap bubbles is due to
  29. Special Drawing Rights (SDR) is created by? – International Monetary Fund (IMF)
  30. Dwarf planet? – Pluto, Eris.

Maths Questions asked in SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 (01-09-2016) : All Shifts
  1. √(2+x)+√(2-x)/√(2+x) -√(2-x) =x find x
  2. (x+1\x)^2=3 find x^6-1\x^6
  3. (2^51+2^52+2^53+2^54+2^55) is divisible by?
  4. X+1/x= 2 to (x+1/x)²
  5. If tan 45°= cot x, then find the value of x in terms of Π.
  6. If a+b+c=6 and ab+bc+ca= 1 then find ab(b+a)+bc(c+a)+ac(a+c)+3abc
  7. If TAN 45°=Cot θ find θ in radian?
  8. Average of 12 numbers is 9 if each number is multiplied by 2 and 3 is added to it. Find new average.
  9. In triangle ABC B=90° and BD is perpendicular on AC, BD=AD=2 find CD
  10. If angle of ∆ are in the ratio of 2:5:4 find the difference between largest and smallest angle?
  11. If a shopkeeper changes the discount % from 35 to 15. Find the change in profit %?
  12. A and B can do a work in 30 days B left after working for 20 rest of the work is completed by A in 20 days .Find time taken by A to complete total work?
  13. Ram completes 160km journey at the speed of 32km/hr and returns back same distance at 40km/hr find his avg speed for whole journey?
  14. Find CI if P=64000 R=7.5 and T=3 years
  15. Perimeter of two similar ∆ ABC and PQR are 36 & 24 respectively if PQ=10cm find AB?
  16. Profit from selling an article for Rs 79 is double of the profit after selling the article for Rs.67 find CP?
  17. The ratio of radius of 2 cylinders is 3:2. The ratio of their height is 3:7 what is the ratio of their volume?

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