9 Sep 2016

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SSC CGL Tier 1 Question Asked 9 September (All Shifts)

General Awareness Questions asked on 09-09-2016 Shift 1/ Morning Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1) 

1.Amar Sonar Bangla is written by-Rabindra Nath Tagore

2.Topmost layer of atmosphere-Exosphere

3.Bachpan Bachao movement was started by–Kailash Satyarthi

4.UEFA Euro 2016 runner up-France

5.Leptospirosis caused by which microorganisms- Leptospira

6.First commercial Indian airlines-Air India

7.Lachhu Maharaj who recently passed away was related to –Tabla

8.Which is not commercial source  of energy-

9. If proton and electron have same wavelength, then what will be equal-

10.New name of Swaran Jayanti Rojgar Yojana-Swarna Jayanti Sahari  Rojgar Yojna

11.Neeraj Chopra related to which sports-Javelin thrower

12.Who started civil services in India-Lord Cornwallis

13.Minimum age for Vidhan Parishad-25

14.Hepatitis effect which part of body–Liver

15.Most abundant metal in earth crust-Aluminium

16.WTO headquarter-Geneva

General Awareness Questions asked on 09-09-2016 Shift II/ Afternoon Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-I)

1.President of constitutional committee-Dr. Rajendra Prasad

2.Regional rural banks are governed by- NABARD

3.Cabinet mission led by-Pethick Lawrence

4.Carbon particles are separated by-

5. Janpeeth award given for–Literary works

6.Irom Sharmila belongs to which state-Manipur

7.Chief Economy  Adviser of India-  Arvind Subramanyam

8. GandhiJi’ss saying ‘Sarvodaya’ means-Rise or welfare of all

9. Straight of Gibraltar connects-Atlantic ocean to Mediterranean Sea

10.Market economy means-

11.Raja harsh changed his capital from-Thanesar to Kannauj

General Awareness Questions asked on 09-09-2016 Shift III/ Evening Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1)

1.Babita kumari related to which sport-Wrestling

2.Where is Bandhavgarh national park- M.P

3.Official language of Delhi sultanate-Persian

4.Consumer price index forum is released by which department-Central Statistic Office

5. Heated substance releases which rays-

6.Ozone block which rays- UV rays

7.Startup India related to- To boost entrepreneurship

8. Who led Sepoy Mutiny-

9. Indifference curve shows comparison between- Two goods

10.Other name of world Bank-International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

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