10 Sep 2016

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SSC CGL Tier 1 Questions Asked in All Shifts 10th September

Questions asked on 10-09-2016 Shift 1/ Morning Shift (SSC CGL 2016 Tier-1) 
General Awareness:
  1. The  slogan Do or die is related to :- Quit India movement
  2.  Which one of the following is Carbolic acid ? :- 
  3.  Name the person who awarded Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016? :- TM Krishna and Bezwada Wilson
  4. The competetion where price of money cannot be handled better?
  5. What is the unit of Parsec?  :- length to measure large distances of objects
  6.  The phenomenon of change of light travelling from one medium to another medium is called :- Refraction
  7.  Jog falls is present on which river? – Sharavathi River
  8.  Which of the following is not part of BRICS? :- Indonesia
  9. Name the biggest boundary that India shares with is :- Bangladesh
  10.  Vitamins whose excess is not good for health? :- Vitamin B complex
  11. Thymus gland secretes? :- Thymosin
  12. What is the name of RBI app for illegal money? :- sachet
  13. The state which has largest coastal line in india? :- Gujarat
  14.  Jain texts are called as? :- Sutras
  15.  The first law officer in India is referred as whom? :- The attorney general
  16. Who decides that whether bill is money bill or not? :- Speaker of loksabha
  17.  Evergreen forests are mainly present in? :- Western ghats
  18.  Atomic bomb is due to? :- Uncontrolled chain reaction
  19.  Which of the following is normally present in urine? :- Creatinine
  20.  Across which rivers the Tehri dam is built  ? :- Bhagirathi and Bhilangna
  21.  The AB blood group does not consists of? :- Both antigens and antibodies
  22. Which of the following is Not a Operating System- a) Opera b) IOS c) Vista d) Android.
Quantitative Aptitude:
  1. avg of 60 numbers is 65. Avg of first half is 85. Find the avg of second half
  2. A solid sphere of 9 cm is cast into a sphere & cylinder of radius 6 cm. Find the height of the cylinder
  3. Tan(5x-10)= cot(5y+20).Find x+y
  4. Find the minimum sum of pair of integers whose product is 24
  5. An arc subtends 30° at the centre of a circle which is double of the another arc on another circle with radius 3 times, find angle subtended by the second arc
  6. Cost price: selling price 10:11.Find profit %?
  7. Find the time for the ratio of principle: interest is 10:3 @ 6%p.a. fir simple interest?
  8. Price of a commodity increased by 60%. How much should it be decreased to get original price?
  1. Wet behind the ears
  2. Antiseptic spelling
  3. Forswear synonym
  4. Inclement antonym
  5. Mankind "does" not know this-NO IMPROVEMENT.
  6. Essay on Dyslexia Easy-Free Marks.
  7. Sentence Correction- Mothers yearns for her only child.
  8. Under Cloud Idiom Meaning
SSC-CGL-2016-tier-1-questions-asked-on-10-09-16-third shift:

1. british political dominion started from- Battle of buxar
2.world economic outlook- IMF
3. which are rain bearing clouds-I CIRRUS II Nimbostatus III Cumulonimbus IV altocumulus - II & III
4.Who was not Social reformer- Bhartendu Harishchandra
5. why canon recoil on firing- newton's 3rd law
6.emergency power- president
7.1st commercial pilot licence- JRD TATA
8.polymer used in non-stick pan- Teflon
9.Ans- Primary key is Foreign key

10.pepper plant is a - Vine
11.Brahmos -ICBM INSAT 2C- Satellite
12.Dumping- selling goods below marginal cost in foreign country
13. Arrange north to south- Bhubaneshwar Hyderabad chennai cochin
14. unsc Permanent members- 5
15. bomb expoldes at moon- sound will never reach earth
16. tsunami is- under sea waves
17.particulate less than 1 micron- aerosol
18. how many times sun shines vertically over equatorin a year- twice
19. municipal waste mangement- bricketting
20.nuclear fusion- a process in which two nuclei combine to form a heavy nuclei
21. lichen- algae & fungi
22. 1st european- portuguese
23. direct tax affects- income
24. who prorogues lok sabha- president
25. which is least in milk- vitamin C
SSC-CGL-2016-tier-1-questions-asked-on-10-09-16-third shift:
1.solid waste is also known as- sludge
2.Codex: The Lost Treasure Of The Indus- aditi krishnakumar
3.land of pagodas- myanmaar
4.lorenz curve- income distribution
5.bilateral monopoly- single seller and single buyer
6.gautam budha belogs to- shakya clan
7.p v sindhu associated with which game- badminton
8.welfare state given in- directive principle of state policy
9.which of the following is not a igneous rock- dolomite

10.outermost cover of earth- lithosphere
11.vitamin that absorbs calcium- vitamin D
12.vitamin that contain nitrogen -
13.study of soil- pedology
14.question related to ornithlogy- ans. is birds
15.one question was related with computer- ans. is daemon

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